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I know we have a "officail lets see you with your bucket off thread" here some where, but this thread is a little different and I think can help our little community grow better and get to know each other a little better.

With the few tragic things and almost tragic things that have happened on the RPF latley in the past several weeks this sounds like a good idea to do here before it is too late and we loose any more members as they move on to other things.

The RPF has a similar thread to tribute the life of the late Graham AKA VaderMaker, but I havn't noticed any one start anything like this here, So I guess I will start it off.

***MODS if I have, feel free to merge if needed, but I feel this should be a seprate thread.***

Please introduce your self and post pics of yourself if you like, they don't need to be Fett related.

I'll start it off.
I'm Lynn Barlow, I live in NE PA.

I'm 36 years old, married to my great and lovely wife Laurie of 10 years as of this June 18th. This great lady has put up with me almost 15 years now, :lol: and I hope for many, many more!

I have a fantastic 16 month old baby girl named Meghan that is the love my life and I love very much.

I love Star Wars, TOS Star Trek, BattleStar Glactica.

I have been into model building for 30 years and I hope to build 30+ more years.

I have been a serious toy collector for 14 years now and I collect mostly GI Joes and some of the SW toys if I like them.

I love building costumes and props.

Here is me along with my finished ROTJ Boba Fett display done with many thanks to this forum and it's members.

I couldn't have done this without all of you!


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My name is Tyler Phillips, I am 20 years old and live in Eastern KY,(if you have ever seen the Steven Segal movie "Fire Down Below" it was filmed in my town), I have loved Star Wars for as long as I can remember and been a collector for about 8 yrs now. I'm a member of the 501st with my sandy armor and soon my Fett. My Fett costume has led me to the wonderful world of airbrushing and if anyone needs some color on anything just shoot me a PM. Also recently got into paintball.
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I'm Charlie Ostrander, I live in S.W. Florida.
I'm a 39 year old kid that has been blessed with a lovingly, Hot gorgous wife and life partner(Deborah)of 8 years.:love

We have two boys, Alexander (5) and Sebastian (2). Those 2 boys are the blame for my Peter Pan Syndrome....well, maybe some of it:D

Basically, I can't say I have a peticular hobby as I jump into anything whenever I get bored. Besides upgrades to my Jango Fett I'm a gear head and work on my Porsche 928 a great deal whenever I can get the chance. I also build PC systems. Not to sell....just to see if I can always build the next one better.

I started costuming around 1992 while experimenting with Latex Appliance make-up. I became "The One" of the arts working with Latex and F/X. At the time I only got into it around Halloween because I would win lots of money for best costume. Now the wife is allergic to Latex so I really can't do that anymore. So...that's how Jango Fett came about. All Latex free.

I also want to thank all of my best friends....all of YOU the Members... that for the past couple of years have given me the advise and wisdom that helped me creat a better looking Fett. Also , you had to put up with some bantering between the Fett camps. That was fun and really miss those moments....right? J.D, MGR, and WPK? :D
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I'm Graeme Ring, I'm from St. Catharines Ontario, and I'm 18 years old.


From when I was very young I was always into movies and props, taking apart electronic toys, making props and costumes (especially Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles!), and it got crazier when I was introduced to Star Wars. That opened up a ton of doors for prop and costume making, but the one that interested me most was Boba Fett. I made my first costume out out paper mache and carboard, and I haven't stopped since.

Just about two years ago I found TDH, and I am so happy to find a forum that I feel I really belong to. Everyone here is so helpful and friendly in a way I don't see in other forums. I am proud to be a Dented Helmeter!

Here I am at DragonCon 2004 with Jodo Kast 3, Trooper TK409 and Seeker (hope you don't mind me using your photo Chris!)
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Hi friends
My name is Damian Woelfel. I'm from a tiny little town of 80 people in SW Minnesota. I'm 29 years old, & I grew up working on farms and in my dads mechanic shop when I wasn't running around in the woods and riding MX. I hate to admit it, but I guess I'm what most of you would call a "hick" :lol: But I'm an educated hick!!! I have a technical degree in art & communication/design, and after I couldn't find a job that I liked, I went back to school and got a BA in Anthropology with an emphasis on experimental archaeology. Exp. Arch. is basically taking a primitive technology and trying to figure out how our ancestors made things work. An example would be taking an arrowhead found at an ARCH site, and trying to replicate it using the same type of tools & materials. I guess thats why I have come to love TDH so much!!! We're not replicating anything primitive, but we are doing research and trying to replicate a complex suit. My interests are anyhing involving history (watch the history channel constantly) and I'm also an avid outdoorsman -been hunting & fishing ever since I can remember) I have a very supportive fiance' and a new puppy & a pair of ferrets. I am so glad I found TDH. We have such a wonderfull community of master craftsman & artisans. It is also a place where I can share my passion with friends who share the same interests. Where I'm from, most people have never even seen SW, let alone heard of Fett:lol: I don't know what I would do without my daily dose of TDH:)

Edit: pic added
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Jango_Fett_Jr wrote:

I made my first costume out out paper mache and carboard, and I haven't stopped since.

Man, that has got to be one of the most awesome things I have EVER seen. Seriously! If that pic doesn't sum up what TDH is all about I don't know what does. Too awesome!!!
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Baddblood wrote:

I fell like my time here on TDH and RPF might very well be over, I wish I had gotten to know some of you guys better you all seem like great guys and gals. :)

WHOT??? :eek: Like NOT! you are soooo NOT leaving. Don't gimme that crap... What's up with this not fettin stuff?
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It's kind of lame but I actually get a bit emotional when I see the progress that these costumes make.

Okay, now me.

I'm Brian, 27 and single (less than happy about it but it's okay) I live in California and work as an artist and a teacher. I'm primarily a sculpor but I paint as well. I'm working for a permanant credential to teach art. I earned my BA at CSU, Sacramento in art studio. Some of you know that I specialize in metal work (hence the metal Fett bucket (including full Jango armor), bronze Webley and metal fertility idol)

Other passions are art history and history in general - including studies in piracy and European Christiandom.

My prized possesion is my DeLorean. See a metal theme running here? It causes me more problems than joy lately but like many relationships we stick with it!! ;) And NO - I'm not going to convert it into anything BTTF!! (okay maybe a flux capasator but that's it!)

DORKY picture!!

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Well my full name is Hilmir Þór Kolbeins (Þór means Thor) and I live in Iceland (pop 290.570) in a town called Mosfellsbær (bær means town) and it is just beside the capital Reykjavík (pop 112.000)

This is a link about Reykjavik, check it out.


I´m a police officer in Reykjavik and has worked as a police officer since 1998.

I´m married to a beautyful wife and we have 3month old daugter named Aþena (Athena)

My hobbies are collecting DVD movies and some star wars props and I have small collection of Lord Of The Rings stuff. I listend to alot of music, farvorite, Creedence ClearWater Revival, Ivan Rebroff, Billy joel, Ramstein, Rem and the list goes on.

My costumes are Stormtrooper FX/GT costume that I got last year and now I´m working on my Boba Costume. I still have a long way to go. I´m waiting for my MSH2 helmet so that one will have to be painted.

I was planing on finishing my cod/butt pice and back plate after the weekend but I have to go training in the shooting range for 4 days. After 9/11 and we have a lot of relastions with the US and after the US goverment wanted all flight from the world to the US had a "skyMarshal" and that part falls within the boundries of the Icelandic Police. So the cod/but/backplate has to be put on Ice for a while.

Hope to see more pics of you guys, don´t be shy. Thats me partoling the harbor, the mountain is called ESJA and overlooks our city. Note I´m not that fat it is the floatation suit. If I fall overboard I will not sink to the bottom.
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This is a very good idea. I posted on the thread at the RPF and was also thinking that TDH should do something similar.

My name is Erik, I'm 28, single at the moment and live in NW Florida (Mary Esther). I have been in the US Air Force for the past 6 years and have loved every minute of it. Joining up was the best decision that I have ever made. (Other than deciding to build a Fett;)) I am originally from western Mass. I have been an avid Star Wars fan my whole life and have a substantial SW toy collection that just keeps getting bigger.

My other pastimes include (but not limited to): Mountain Biking (Not much of that in FL),skiing, Kayaking, Golf, pretty much anything to do with the outdoors, and recently adventure racing. I love to cook and plan to someday open my own scottish pub. I have a huge weakness for good micro-brewed beer :cheers and can't seem to ever get enough coffee:wacko.
My taste in music is very broad but mostly listen to alot of linkin park and talk radio (Conservative). My Boba suit is coming along slowly as I do not have much time to work on it. I'll finish it sometime though.

Here's a Pic of me at an adventure race outside of Atlanta.


Edit: Update Picture Link

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My turn:

My name is Matt and I have been a Star Wars nut since '77. I am married to a very understanding wife;) (married guys, you know what I mean), and we have three boys.:facepalmI work as a Police Officer in the bay area. The greatest movie experience I had was in '80, I was ten years old and my parents took me to see the ESB. Darth Vader told Luke he was his father, arguably the most exciting and surprising event in cenima history. I was hooked. I just recently got into the 501st after attending an event in 2002. Seeing all the kids, and some adults, going crazy for the Star Wars charactars was insipring. I had to get involved. Ever since then, I have loved every event I have attended, and hey, I get to act like a kid again. Here is a recent shot of the family at Universal studios last March. The big cat in the middle is no relation!:p

I also have a pic of me in one of my last events.

The Dented Helmet has been a great help to me, and I hope I can return the favor in the coming years.
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Great idea! My name is Evan and I'm 29 years old. I'm married and have a dachshund named Monty Burns.
I'm an illustrator and multimedia designer in Southern Indiana(or rather, 45 minutes from Celebration III!!). I've been into costuming my entire life and Halloween has always been
THE holiday. When I was younger I was really into fx makeup and the like and I totally attribute this to my early exposure to Star Wars. Seems like I was making everything I could think of out of foam latex at one point in my life.
Around 2000 I began creating my Fett costume and have been working on it ever since. I'm on version 3.0 now and hopefully will have an 'unveiling' in the near future. I'm building my new gauntlets as I write this. I've been on TDH for quite a while and have corresponded with a lot of you here and could never have made any progress without all of your help. I'm into G.I. Joe too and I'm a music lover who tries to play the drums and guitar. My wife and I just bought a house and we will finally get to move in on the 29th of May! I already have my Fett space planned out. :D
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Here I go:
My name is Juan Bustamante and I'm 31 years old. I live in New Jersey and I work as a computer salesperson for a friend's company.. I'm happily married for a year and 3 months (and counting! ;) ). I've been a fan since I saw the original trilogy in my country of origin (I'm from Peru).But the real determination to build a costume came when i saw a real fett costume in the 1998 halloween parade in NY. I was blown away. I started to build my fett last year and I'm almost done with it. After that,I'm planning to build a Jango costume. I really thank all the members I've done business with, and all the valuable input i needed to make this project a reality.

speedbike me!!.JPG

Thats me in the MGM Disney this April.
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I'm Kristen, I'm 33 and have lived in Arizona with my hubby for the past 9 years. I'm originally from Iowa but moved upon graduating from ISU College of Veterinary Medicine. I have been practicing small animal medicine at the same clinic since graduation and purchased the practice 4 years ago. As a result, I am probably more in debt than everyone here combined :lol: I have 4 cats, a bird, a horse, and the best dog in the entire world!!! My collection of SW started with the Timothy Zahn trilogy back in 91, and has grown since. I got interested in costuming after attending CI in Denver. The best thing about growing up is now you can buy the things you either wanted as a kid (a horse in my case) of the things you had as a kid and wanted again (Star Wars toys, a corvette, and a dirt bike) Here's some pics of me doing my favorite activities when not working or making costumes.


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Ok here it goes...
My name is Art Lemos. I am 36, & have lived here in Las Vegas all of my life (yes a real native!). If that wasn't enough, I married a girl who is also a native! My wife & I have been married for 16 years. She is still as beautiful as the day I met her. I have 2 fantastic kids, my daughter (15) & my son (12). They are the loves of my life!

Now about me.

I was, still am & ever shall be a musician. I have been playing guitar for as long as I can remember. My father was a flamenco player & I chose the path of rock & blues.

I have ALWAYS been into sci fi, especially Star Wars. I was fortunate enough to have seen all 3 of the original trilogy on the big screen (several times each!). I got into make-up early on & started sculpting & casting in my teens (thank you Dick Smith). I did make up for a few commercials locally. When I got older, I started collecting props & the like. Before the internet, all of your business was by phone. I had a Marco Stormtrooper suit way back in 1993. I also developed a name for myself doing Michael Myers masks on the internet. I also did a lot of custom painting & airbrush work on masks & props.

I am now working on my Jango suit, a full size ANH Vader & an accurate Jango helmet that will be available to TDH members.

I also restore vintage cars & currently own a ground up resto
(that I did myself) 1967 VW Karmann Ghia that is immaculate!

I work for Homeland Security in the immigration & naturalization dept. I also am a licensed hair stylist, which is my part time gig.
Here is a pic of me & one of my "Mikeys":

Me & Paula...I just posted this a few days ago on another thread:

I also do a mean Betelguese:
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My name is Hector Diaz and im a alcoholic :lol:

Seriously :D Im 32 and prior to putting a fett together I have always been into model kits.Cars, airplanes, boats, sci-fi ships you name it.Have been a fan of SW since 1977.I currently work for the New York City Housing Authority as a Low Pressure Boiler Operator.My first love WAS my 1990 supercharged 1990 Mustang 5.0 until it became a victim of a major engine fire.Now im selling it for parts :facepalm.My musical interests range from classical to disco to country...and then some.Next spring I will be relocating to Duluth, MN to be with my sweetheart to enjoy some peace and quiet.(y)

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My turn :D
Hello, my name is Shawn, I'm 29, and I live in Chicago.
About 9 years ago I was looking at The Art of Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back when I noticed that the hose on Boba's gauntlet was the same as the one we had on our sink :lol: That's when I decided to make my own ! Since I didn't have the comunity I have now, I was basically on my own.

I started building everything from scratch. I bought the Chronicles book and I had enough reference to build my suit. I worked on and off for some time, didn't have enough doen for C1, but when C2 came around, I stepped into high gear and finished it .... I ended building everything from scratch, from the boots to the helmet, I had a great time doing it :p

About a year before C2, I found my happy home here at TDH :D I cannot even begin to tell you how much help TDH has been with all it's information and all the helpful and encourging people who are members. I'm glad to have some very good friends here on the bord too ... they know who they are ;)

If you don't know already, my favorite suit is the Pre-pro suit :p That's the version I ended up making. Here are some pics from over the years :lol:




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Hey guys. My name is Art. I am 28 yeard old. Been here at TDh pretty much since day 1 and although I am not here as much as I'd like, I love this place.

When I am not hanging out here or at the RPF, I am skateboarding, pretending to play guitar, or working on some prop related project. I also spend a great deal of my time either on the phone or on IM talking to fellow TDH members.

I have been married for 5 years to a very very tolerant girl. All you have to do is look over some of my past ebay auction wins to see that...

I am also a HUGE Pearl Jam fan.

Guess that about sums me up.

Oh yeah. I like Fett and Sandtroopers. :lol: Had to throw something Star Wars related in there.

Me at D*C 2002 in Dean O's Fett suit. First and only time I have ever been in Fett armor.

Me at D*C 2003 with my sandtrooper armor, looking old, tired, and worn out... ;)
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