*Official* Boba Fett and other Star Wars Desktops Images



Have you seen or read anything about this game?


Apparently you will be able to play any character you want by building them up from scratch! Lets say i want to play that really cool character on the right beside Jabba The Hutt. I would have to train and work as a Bountyhunter for a very long time and after a while receive my Mandalorian armour. If i deserve it. It's played almost completly through the internet and will be availabel for PC, PS2 and Garbagecube.
This is a PC/INTERNET game much like evercrack I mean everquest. Only thing I have heard about it that I like is the game mechanics for it are the same as the Star Wars RPG that is out right now.

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Boba Fett and other Star Wars Desktops Images

I just started these a few days ago. Just thought I'd post some pics
of them to see what you all think. Look for the fullsize versions on
TheForce.net soon.

I'm always looking for high res pics to make these things, so
if you know of any places on the web to find high quality SW pics
please let me know!

I'm searching for pics of the following: Anakin, Padme, Obi-Wan,
Clonetrooper, Count Dooku and more.

Thanks for looking!







I just barely submitted them to TheForce.net. It has been my
experience in the past, that it takes them nearly a month to put them
up in their Fan Art Museum.

If you can't wait that long, just send me a PM with your e-mail and I'll
send them to you. In your PM, please mention what resolution you would like them in.

I am currently working on one for Zam and a Stormtrooper. I'll post
more pics as I finish them.


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Here's another one!


Coming Soon: Zam Wesell, Clonetrooper, Stormtrooper & Han Solo!!!

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback!
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Yet another!


Glad to see some interest in some of my stuff.
I hope you guys enjoy them half as much as I do makin' them.

More to come soon.

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Here's the latest one!


I hope that everyone that requested one got the e-mails I sent out.

Let me know if anyone else is interested.

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Ask and ye shall recieve...

ESB Boba!!!


A very special thanks to LittleOleBountyHunter for the
oustanding Image!

I know I'm gonna get a bunch of e-mails about this one.

Those who have requested a desktop, I'll get them to you soon.

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<img src=http://starwarsgalaxies.station.sony.com/images/downloads/swgwallpaper_fett_thmb.jpg>
click HERE to download

:facepalm damn too many wrong things here ... its reversed, check the shoulder bell, its wrong :angry
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Here's one of Plo Koon! IMO one of the coolest looking characters
of the new trilogy! Too bad we really didn't get to see him in action.


Keep an eye out for more later today!
One's you won't wanna miss!

Trust me!
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Oh come on, it's not that bad. All I can see is that the Helmet is a little misshapen.
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I don't get it...why does everyone say this is terrible?

First off, the image was flipped so that it would work as a wallpaper with the icons on the left. You also have to understand, the model and was not made by people like us who pore over every detail of Boba Fett's costume to make a perfect costume. I can see several problems with the skinning (the belt, for example), but it is really quite good for a Star Wars game. Heck, has anyone seen the Boba Fett model for Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight?
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Well, you have to remember, this is for a computer game . . not for a fully rendered CGI movie or something like that. For a computer game character . . . it's pretty dang good. Lots of polygons . . pretty decent shape . . . with the exception of it being flipped (which, given the number of times that happened the movie . . . ) . . it's not that bad for what it is!

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Is that what the game will look like? There are many fully rendable CGI pictures used for background and promos that do not represent exactly what the game looks like. Dark Forces /Jedi knight 1 comes to mind with a fully rendable Stormtrooper on the cover of the box.
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