Noob Helmet Question

After seeing everyone’s AMAZING projects, I’ve decided to start the slow, yet rewarding process of making some Mandalorian armor. Starting from the head down (unless you count props). I’m going for a custom to fit my character, yet I still want to have that connection to the Fetts.
Recently I came across a Rubies helmet on
I was looking at the two piece injected, and was wondering if you guys could provide your expertise… so poodoo or potential?
Eventually upgrading my bucket is implied, when my wallet allows. But for now would it be passable with some modding, or should I take the next step and go for the collector helmet?
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Don't get the two piece, it's (n) . Out of the two, I'd say go for the "collectors helmet".

IMO, you should start on the armor first, as that would be cheaper, while gradually saving up so you can skip the rubies and just buy a BKBT helmet.
i was going to start with the armor, until i saw wickedbeard's:love . so i've started a side fund and have desided to do the V1 bucket in the meantime. it's not that i want to have a poodoo helmet and primo armor, it's that since the mods are basically going only on the helmet i want a "practice" bucket. because never in a million years would i want to ruin a BKBT helmet, because of my noob stills:eek: . believe me though, as soon as i'm up and running skills wise, i'll be 100% primo mando.
and thanks i'll scratch the two piece idea and go for the collector's.
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The helmets the most important part in my opinion.
Spend as much on it as you can...
It will be the part of your costume everyone will notice the most.
If your patient and save up to buy the best...
you will only spend the money once.



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While MJA has a point...If you decided to purchase a cheaper helmet now I wouldn't reccomend the two piece. Go with a regular Rubies Jango or something. I started with a Rubies:

and turned it into this:

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Remember, the important thing about your helmet is it's scale to your body. I started with a Rubie's bucket, but at 6'1", I looked like a pinhead. I eventually was able to get a Marrow Sun helmet that fit me perfectly.
I'm only a midget fett at 5' 3", so hopefully the rubies will look OK.
and JoNich i've been following along with your build up and it looks great, so i figure a rubies is the best starting point for me, but not necessarily
the end.

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Andromalius said:
rubies is the best starting point for me, but not necessarily
the end.

id definitly sugest not buying stuff you KNOW your gonna upgrade...just buy the upgrade first...itll save alot of cash...i learned the hard way....4 jumpsuits later...