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this is my first helmet and it was made from a rubies. It wasnt until I was almost done with the helmet that someone told me about this site, but if not for everyones tips and ideas that thing would have been dumpster-bound, anyways the info here has been invaluable. It's acutally not completly done, I have the 9 little rectangles to put on the right ear and i have to finish the inside, Im spraying the inside with truckbed liner and then im installing a hard hat liner and a few pads on the sides to keep it from moving around. thx all, tell me wht you think, and be honest, I want to hear some helpful tips for my next one, which wont be a rubies of course.


please let me know if my pics are up now, Im having trouble learning how to post pics.
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Pics work now...
thats a first effort?...
looks good to me mate!
Maybe weather up that RF.
Like to see some more pics when your finished it and hopefully ones that aren't sideways...(i got a sore!)
nice work...



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yeah man, looks good! The only thing for next time I would suggest is to dull the shine on the paint, by lightly sanding it, to just make the colors more matte, so the silver scratches pop a little more. Awesome work though!:D


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Same as Sithlord...Looks good, but a little too shiny. Could be the camera flash though. Mine looks shiny when I take pictures of it, but it doesn't in person.

Great first time effort!