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Hi people of the helmet!
Im you can prob tell. Im making boba fett armour but dont really know hwere to not very practical with plastics and things, and ive been searching for days to see if sintra is actually foamalux (uk) or what it is called in the uk. I really dont know hwere to start, got some patterns layed out and my helmet is on order.
Ive checked out a lot of the posts (all very helpful) and a few sites...but im still a bit lost.

any help.......??
(sorry i really am rubbish.....i dont know how to do anything but sew and paint...i am only a girl ;)
IF you can sew and paint that is two important skills to have. And being as such I would start with the soft parts. That is more challenging than you might think. It doesnt sound like the most glorious part of the costume but actually the most important minus the helmet. Getting the right fit of flightsuit and vest will determine what size armor you will need to fit your frame. Then you can add all the parts around it step by step.
First of all welcome, i'm fairly new myself but everybody seems extremely helpfull here. I recommend Bobamaker if your going to buy the softparts, plus cheaper postage since your UK as well.

I'd also be interested to know if sintra is called foamalux as i have some of this at home, bit too thick though
With all due respect I love Bobamakers work, and I'm not trying to take money from His pocket. With that being said I dont understand why you would give someone the advice to purchase such items when they are capible of making them thereself.
I know what your saying, but i did use the key word "IF your going to buy..." plus I have only bought the softparts off him so I couldn't recommend any other of his products or anyone else's for that matter as the soft parts are the only items i've bought from a recognised seller/trader. I was just trying to be helpful but I take your point that it may seem like i was trying to force her into buying some softparts.
Thanks for all your help. Im going to try and make everything my self just got to find what sintra is called in the UK.......harder than it sounds!

Ive ordered some white overalls and im gunna dye them grey and make the other bits like pockets, and some white gloves....will colour them the same way and everything. I really hope i can manage the making part though cos i have no idea with how to mould plastics the right way.

But anyway...hope all your projects are going well and your getting good use out of them!!!

sintra couldn't be easier to mould just just draw on a template (loads available on here) cut it out, stick it in hot water and bend it, it's that simple. I think it's all down to the painting and weathering if you can get that right your sorted! I bought my sintra on ebay(from usa) as like you i couldn't find it in uk. just out of interest which particular Fett are you doing?
Im not sure which boba im doing...prob just one which includes all the parts I think look good....but just a standard boba will do for me. Only decided to make one on saturday ;) im doing it for my 21st in gunna have a starwars fancydress party.....and i want to do a good job.
I went as process leia (normal new hope leia) for a college (later years of highschool to you) christmas party....i looked very bad...but i did make it all my self....with wool buns ;)

Ive contacted loads of people today at plastic companies...trying to find a sintra equivilant...getting some fre samples so i will test them before i order anything.

Thnaks for all your good advice...its nice to feel welcome to something new!!

I think the UK equivalant of Sintra is called Forex or Foamex ( I cannot remember who told me though :facepalm )... You should be able to find it under sign making supplies (y)..... and Bondo is the American version of P38.

:jet pack
Forex is the same kind of product as Sintra. But make sure you get the right Forex. There is Forex-TOP and Forex-PAN.. but you want Forex-Classic.

If there is any condusion then just ask for "Foamed PVC" atleast that should point them in the right direction to what you want.

When it comes to shaping the plastic i have found that using the oven gives a much evener (is that even a word?!) spread of heat. I have an electric oven so i don't know how well this works in a gas oven. I just place the armor part on a porcelin plate in 50-75 C untill i see the edges of the armor peice bend upwards. When this happens the plastic is hot all the way through. It is soft enough to mold but still has some resistance so that it's not all floppy.

When i made my armor peices this is what i did and i just took out the peices and placed them directly on my body to get the right bend on them. Like the abdomen peice for example. but use gloves and a thick shirt so that you don't burn you fingers and skin.

Anyway this works great (IMO) for the chest peices. Cod and back would be a bit trickier since these won't fit the oven...
Well I can tell you that if you dont have the right soft parts, your costume wont look right. Being able to sew and paint is pretty much what you need to make the costume right. Stick to the templates and you should be fine.
Wow thanks for all the sintra info people!!! Ive bin trying for days to find out the name of the uk equivilent, all this is much appreciated!!!

Got my helmet today...don post 96'....the 95' was going 4 2 much...its ok tho.
Got some fake leather 2day aswell to make the belt parts.

Thnaks again every1!!!!

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