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I've been looking for a while and working a bit on my Fett as well ... I finally got my hands on a digital camera so I thought I'd post a few pics .... Yes .. it's a warped Don Post, but it's all I can afford right now :)

helmet left side.jpg

helmet right side.jpg

helmet back.jpg

helmet inside.jpg
Thanks ..
I actually painted this one a few years ago, but still have the spray cans around. I used Krylon colors mostly, with mists of different ones to generate the colors I was looking for. Then added the 'damage' by hand with blacks, greys and silvers .... I'll see if I can find the actual colors.

Also ... there are lights (blinking LED's) in the rangefinder and a fan in the helmet which are turned off/on by a bank on two switches (top of inside helmet pic).
I agree, excellent job!
The toggle switches are on the right ear (top of pic), what is that on the left ear (bottom of inside pic)? It looks more like a switch or dial than a fan...
Hella padding, dude. It actually looks comfy. What did you use?
It's a little 12V micro fan from Radio Shack - runs off the 9V battery okay.

The padding is just foam blocks (packing from a box of hard disks) cutup and covered in material which I got at the local fabric store. I cut out material pieces a little bigger than the foam and hotglued the sides over the foam and then hotglued the pads to the inside of the helmet.

For Ego ...
The main colors/paints used included ...

Krylon Agean Mist (lighter green)
ColorPlace Concord Green (darker green)
Tremclad Deep Green (darker green)
ColorPlace Red Primer
Testors Flat Black Spray
Testors Dark Gray Spray (don't recall actual name)
Testors Gold Spray
Testors Silver (bottled)
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