Newbie cape score!


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My dad is retired and he is a yardsaler. He deals in military and old sporting goods.

So I hit his basement looking for anything I could use to help me get started on my ROTJ Fett costume.

He had (3) shelter halves! Sweet! I grabbed them all. He was happy to get them out of the basement.

Cost to me: $0

I can sew (Thanks Mom for teaching me how to use a sewing machine! (y) ) so this will be easy using Brak's cape tutorial.

At least one shelter half has the correct stitches as shown in Brak's tutorial. I'll check the other two, this evening.
Great score. (y) The cape is a somewhat forgotten part of the Boba suit, but essential to the overall look of the character. By having a real shelter half, you are a step up on some of the other options available.

Here is mine, it costed like $5 at Joanns. I just beat the crap out of this piece of indoor canvas with a rock.


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