Custom Mandalorian New to this.


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(Not sure if right place to post)

Have never done ANYTHING like this before, decided this past week to start one. So far this is what I have ( Yes I am learning tricks and stuff for next one).


My problem I am having is this:


I can't for the life of me figure out how to get this to line up closer, I have a huge gap:


Any pointers? Or do I just fill it with Body Filler? Thanks all, this has been awesome for a first timer!

- - - Updated - - -

and no idea where the baseball helmet came from >.<

They are tricky to get them in, if that's the best you can get it I would fill it in and remove any raised edges, do not force the face of the helmet to mold to the check section as you may distort the look of it and have have issues getting a visor to fit, then you can use fiberglass from the inside to harden the area up to stop any fillers from cracking.
I have seen someone take the upper cheek template and make a small relieve cut from the middle up to the 90 degree corner. Spread the template a little and add tape. Use that to trace on the foam. It will add a little extra material and help to make the corners. I was using 3mm foam this helped for me.
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