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Hey guys! I'm new here but looking to start my first project.
I have the basic ide set, a mix between Han Solo and Boba Fett. the color scheme is more based on Han Solo from ROTJ then Boba Fett. ( so i guess, "think Han Solo wearing Fett's helmet and bits and pieces from his armour")
Just trying to get a feel for the land here, havn't started much yet but a few sketches. still trying to figur out where to buy the helmet and what to get etc, so super happy for any advice etc.



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Looks like a nice design and a lot of info on these forums but you may get more help for a custom design on the mandalorian mercs forums as that’s what they do all things mando
And arkady is in my opinion the best for flightsuits custom fit custom colors and flakvests she does a great job

Mythos Fenn

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Concept bucket is looking pretty sweet. There are a lot of bucket vendors out there. There are members here and over on the Mandalorian Mercs (like smuggler_fett said) forums that sell them. I personally have the NME props Mercenary bucket. There are some on the Mando Mercs forums that shy away from them (due to business practices, bad seller attidudes, etc.) but I have had no issues with the bucket or the seller.
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