New Hunter
just started building mine with absolutely no experience, but a lot of imagination.

My path and my plan so far.
I am working on several blasters that I plan to give the appearance of modified existing blaster pistols - like the DL44, Mersonn [sic], EE 3 snubnose/large caliber, a couple of holdout/drop blasters, and making a modified wookie bowcaster (or two depending on how the first comes out).
I have a good portion of the soft pieces purchased, flight suit, gun belt, leather ammo pouches, girth belt, gloves, boots that don't look like they're make do, but cheap -just in case they look stupid.
I also got taken by a couple of online sellers for helmets. so I have two resin(?) cast helmets that I can play with and likely ruin until I know what I want and colors...
I got a newer beskar chest and plain pauldrons. shin guards, gauntlets and handguards.

a lot of work so far, but fun. always looking for advice and ideas.

Attached some WIP pics

Ren Dasyk - did a name generator and like it.


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