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Hey there, I'm new to the Boba Fett costuming world. I've already (apparently) made my first mistake and purchased a brand new Rubie's BF Replica helmet, slated for delivery today. I guess it all comes down to trial and error. Anyways, the helmet should work for halloween, but I want to make a uber-realistic Boba Fett costume and was wondering about any helmet/gauntlet recommendations (other than eBay).

Are there any reputable helmet makers out there? I don't need a finished product, I can paint it myself. Thanks in advance!

Edit: Nevermind! I will shop around eBay for one, and maybe get to know the rest of you better.
Welcome to The Dented Helmet!
You are in the right place for direction as well as help and guidance on anything related to Boba down to the last bolt and decal.
Watch your PM box for suggestions from myself and others around here.
I'm sure if you ask in a cargo hold you could get a fiberglass helmet made for you. You can get different sizes to suit your body and head type. Rubies is the smallest helmet you can get and usualy is the only reason noone recommends them. DP 95-96 is close if you are around 6 foot 170-200 and the cheapest option without sacrificing accuracy imo, so many helmet sizes out there cant list them all.
Welcome to the boards bud!:) Be sure to check your wallet at the door, and have fun! This is a great group of people!
Welcome! Be sure to strap yourself in tightly! It'll be a Wild and Very interesting adventure!:)
Hey Dannibusx :)

I'm also fairly very new to the boba Fett costuming :)
( and also have a nasty /rubish Rubies helmet :puke .. are there no white interiors 95's in britain !! :D )

Your not be short of brilliant help and tips on this fantastic site :)

Hey there!

I just started as well within the past couple months. The people here have been totally cool and helpful.

I made the "mistake" of getting the more expensive Rubies helm too...

As far as the helmet goes though, I'm looking at it like this: I have something to experiment on without totally feeling like I'm going to ruin it... I'm enjoying learning through trial and error, and this I hate to say has been the perfect helm for me to do that with. =) Once I'm done with this helm though, I'm then going to opt for a better one. In the meantime, I'm enjoying playing around with my Rubies... If that's any consolation. I wouldn't consider it a mistake. =)
Welcome aboard, loadsa tips and advise here and remember the search is your new best friend.

FettTheHunter wrote
are there no white interiors 95's in britain !! :D )
yep but its on my head :lol:

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Well, the Rubies just got delivered to my friends house, I can't wait to see it. Hopefully my gravity-inducing nugget will fit inside and I can use it for Halloween. Thanks for the warm welcome! I should thank Trooper TK409 for helping find this place, as it was linked to his site....Also found a new lid that I should have my hot little hands on in a little over a month. Thanks again, all!

Got the rubies in, it's big enough, but the top of the dome is too flat and the thing is pretty flimsy. I have found a new helmet. Thanks for all the help everyone!
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