New to the boards and I have acouple questions for those more informed than I :P


I've visisted this board on and off for quite awhile now drooling over all the custom mando armor as i've grown up, but i've never really had the budget to start anything so I did the next best thing, I got 2 suits of custom mando on Star Wats Galaxies, well now that i'm 19 now with some money in the bank and i've finished my Scout Trooper suit I was browsing around looking and searching for a place to get started and was wondering if anyone could maybe someone could tell me where to start, i'd really like to go all out on this one, even if I have to do it little bits at a time, so i'd like to avoid DP buckets and get some nice FB ones, or whatever is the most realistic sturdiest one that is made, plus I have a huge head so DP would look kinda silly. What kind of paint should I use how should I do it, and thats just the helmet! I've tried looking for guides but really havn't found much, if anyone has any links or links to sellers that sell things that have been proven to be some of the best of the best I would appreciate a PM or reply, again this would be a custom suit, but im gonna make it a pristine condition one, so no bumps or bruises, so if anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it, thank you guys so much for the help, and I look forward to getting to know all you guys! Long Live the Empire!
Customs rock!
Welcome, vod! (vod=brother in Mando'a)
I PMed you more info.
Just remember to post all your progress on your suit!

oh will do, i'm sure i'll need everyone's help to get this suit up to my standards, worst thing about me, I am a perfectionist, yet I can't do perfectionist work when it comes to costuming :/
Haha, me too. I'm not all that confident yet in my costuming skills, but of course I still try, and it usually comes out good. I am probably going to catch the "accuracy bug" when I start on my ESB Fett, trying to get everything to look right.
Yes we love it when members post pics of their work, and plenty of them at that. Look forward to seeing what you are working on.
Yeah i'm going completely custom, i'm thinking of a black and teal variant. With the armor being black, and the helmet being black also, with a teal strip down the middle of the helmet. Still thinking about it, i'm not the best artist >.<
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