New Style armor?


aaaight so my friend is an artist and drew this for me. the mando on the left is the design i'm goin for. Its a diffrent style chest peices, bigger shoulder pauldrens and... well if the picture doesn;t show or you don;t get it let me know so i can remedy that.

think this armor looks good? comments or questions
very nice. I expect him to reach over and choke the other guy.

I like the way that the plates are different, and I'm wondering why I never thought of that.

I'm with Katua, is there a dome?
And I don't think he needs one. I mean, Montross went without one in Bounty Hunter.

I think it'd be fine without a helmet. But either or, yanno?
haahahaha yea the new armor peices are made from composite..... forget the name but very durable!!

yes i got me a dome!!!! check this out. now the thing is i want to use vinal stickers and need an advice to make the thing!!.. i hope to have this done by the end of Oct, if i can get a belt and left gauntlet!! i need help in that department.

i will have 3 antenna... can't speel sorry guys and gals... but need any thoughts on like positioning.

yea guys.... i'm that big, and the dude on the right is my friend!!! i see this as a smugler/techi, i have a massive back story if intrested. O yea and i want to make a DC-15 rifle. long style!!!!! i am iffy on a back pack

BTW me new here, but not a new builder. i'm a electronics major too so ... any wireing i can do or help with. If anyone atended Anime Expo 06 i was there... haha

Love for Rogues!!!

I love the picture. The drop ship in the background is awesome too. That is my favorite Star Wars ship.

I hope you work out your bicepts A LOT if you're going to do the short sleves. Your going to need the Arnold arms.

Looks cool though I love the silver and green.

oo i gota re-wrtie the begining, it got deleted on my friends lap top.... and its not done

yea 15 pages later not done. i will wokr on it now u guys want to hear

o, and my vest and chest peices have a week left till i post pics!
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