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Memnon Fett

hey im starting a new project its on cade skywalker i just finisht my custom mando 3 days ago. Id post pics but my digital camera dosent work. but anyway do you guys think it would work oh yea im 13 so bear with me
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hey im starting a new project its on cade skywalker i just finesht my custom mando 3 days ago id post pics but my digital camera dosent work but anyway do you guys think it would work oh yea im 13 so bear with me

Ok, run on sentence and spelling errors overlooked. ;)

Who is Cade Skywalker? And where does he fit in the EU?

I was wondering when someone would try a Cade outfit since he wears what looks like a new iteratin of mando armor.

Cade is in the new Legacy comic series and is like a grandson or greatgrandson of Luke. Im sure that I am off with that since I havent read the comics yet but the comics look cool. There is even a character modeled after our very own Clone Emperor.
That wasnt rude at all, Im glad you corrected me cuz I had no idea how far down the family tree truly was. I honestly dont think the costume would be hard to pull off, good luck with the project. I look forward to progress pics and pics of you mando.
Looks like a pretty cool dude. Do you need any help on how to go about doing the costume? It looks very do-able. The waist-down looks like Vader, save the cod-peice.
ok mi amigo, it looks alot like Mando chest peice, along with Imperial guard stomach peices.... the bottom is vader, it just is.

i sugest maken this yourself, given no one has Kade armor. i could help given my Mando has simalar chest peices i made myself. Get Sintra, or PVC board. You get that looking in your yellow pages for a plastics place, calling them to see if they have what u want (i think its 1/8 u want) and then convince your mom to help you get it. it ran 60 bucks for me, but i had more then enough for 2 costumes, so you get alot. Then i hope you know how to use a dremel tool, if not no worrie just umm.. well practice? and if you don;t have a dremel i'm out of ideas

i will atempt to modify the WoL templates to fit you... so what S, M,L.. ??

as always, if i am completely insane tell me guys...
im getting a Rawk Chopp Special custom made and milled from a friend of mine as well as a custom Cade saber as wells as a Red EE-3
o i do so hope this works for yea bro. I'm no WoL, and would greatly respect any criticizem (ok ok engineer not english major!). I sugest you cut the paper out and size it on yourself first, yea i did the WoL thing and all you do is print it and it should be the right size. if its to big, let me know, let me know what tweeking needs doing and the inches if possable. I used Adobe Photoshop and WoL templates..... i do sure hope it turns out OK for yea!

i don;t know if they will print the right size.. o well give it a shot if not then PM me
ok look down, turns out i can zip the things!!


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