New guy, new armour (pics included)


Hey folks, I'm fairly new here. I've been lurking for a little while, and got going on some armour. I'm holding off on a bucket for a little while, cash flow reasons mostly. Anyways, I'm in love wth the idea of being as Mandalorian as I can be, so I'm going for a set of armour that's a bit unique in colour at least. This is my first attempt at any sort of costuming, and I'd love to hear any feedback anyone has to offer, good or bad, helpful hints and critisisms welcome. I'm actually building this armour for using as paintball armour. I'm working on a flak jacket aswell, that still needs some work however. In the meantime, here's some pics, let me know what you think.

randoms 072.jpg

randoms 073.jpg

randoms 074.jpg

randoms 075.jpg

randoms 076.jpg

randoms 077.jpg

randoms 078.jpg
Hey Jim, first off welcome aboard.
The armour looks great so far, interesting colour choice... gonna stand out in the paintball
keep us posted of your progress. (y)
yeah, my hope is that i can intimidate before i"m too visible on the paintball field. i'm also hoping to rig up a few CO2 tanks on my back plate instead of the rocket pack. i'll be posting pics of that when i finally, if ever, get around to that end of the project. next on the list is to finish up the flak jacket, attatch the armour, then hopefully get started on a helmet to match the armour.
yeah, its a copper like paint. i had wanted to do a copper colour with some rusty orange around the damage spots. i still have some touching up to do on it. i haven't done any of the orange on it yet. the grey for the bare metal was whole lot shinier until i hit it with some clear coat. it still needs some work, but thats where i'm at for today.
well, today i nearly got my flak jacket done. everthing is fitted, all of my velcro is secured and sewn in, and all i have left to do is fit it for lenth and trim out the arm holes. my brother in law and i decided to see how the armour would hold up to paint ball at close range. turns out not so good. it pealed the paint back like the shell of a dropped hard boiled egg. so, i stripped it down, (most of it anyways, just the parts that were damaged for now), and sanded and repainted. i really like the way it turned out the second time around. i managed to keep the silver paint underneath nice and shinny, and because i taped it while it was still tacky, it gave it a crinckled tin foil affect. and with applying pain and clear coat a little heavier in some area's, it came out with a somewhat weathered affect. i'm really liking how this is coming along.

randoms 085.jpg

randoms 088.jpg

randoms 090.jpg

randoms 091.jpg

randoms 094.jpg

randoms 095.jpg

randoms 096.jpg

randoms 097.jpg

randoms 098.jpg
I'm gonna hafe to assume you play alot of woodsball as apose to speedball right? :p:lol: If you'd like more mobility, you might think about making the peices smaller just incase you need to run to the next bunker/tree or something, or just so you can move fast(er) in general on the feild.

When you go, be sure to get some pics.! (y)
for the flak vest i just used a pattern from a fabric store for some sleepware. i had to modify it a bit........shorten up the shoulders, fit it for length. i think if i ever have to do this again, i'll probably just buy a vest, or have someone make one for me.....someone who knows what they are doing. it took a long time to do, but it was my first attempt. i just finished the vest last night, and i couldn't be giddier about it. i'm going to start working on some gauntlest next. nothing too fancy, but just something for some coverage for now.

randoms 101.jpg

randoms 102.jpg
gauntlets done. well, what i'm calling poor mans gauntlets are done. they don't wrap all the way around the arm, the just strap on and cover the exposed side of the forearm. and i added knuckle gaurds to my gloves aswell. they look pretty sweet together.

randoms 111.jpg

randoms 112.jpg

randoms 113.jpg

randoms 114.jpg

randoms 115.jpg
Thanks man. I think everything looks pretty sweet so far. Keep it up!

Is it just me or does anyone else see a slight resemblance? Subtract the sunglasses and add a hat of course.

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