New Guy here

Alltho he's not a highly recommended seller, has a stubby and I believe his packs are 195 'Fraid that's as cheap as they get, unless you scratchbuild it.
Does anyone know who or where I can get a stubby at a very good price?

Hey Rob, it's good to see you here now that you're starting your Jango. (y)

Goldenarmor is probably about the least expensive you'll find, but it wouldn't hurt to start a "Wanted to buy" thread in the Cargo Hold on this site to find someone selling one.

Also, there are some great tutorials on this site for making scratchbuilt jet packs.

Also, Mark Bradley makes a pretty affordable pack. pack


This my chest armor, I made this hand made with a heat gun and rub and buff
Well done on the armor! I'm also new here and got a question for ya.

Did you use some kind of pattern or template, if so where did you find it? Also, what did you make it out of?

I have a friend that is a fabricator and I was thinking about asking him to make me a set out of alum. or sheet metal but I don't know the true diminsions of each component.

Good luck on the !
Sorry been busy with life. But it is styrene....I think that is the correct spelling. I bought a 4 x 8 sheet of it about a year ago when I was going to do a RFT helmet costum run. Never the less, the patterns were based on the pics from visual dic. and other pics laying around. Now, I'm bigger then the actor "Tem" so my armor should come out looking correct to my body size.
But I did the patterns out of thick paper and then cut the 1/4 styrene with my band saw. Later with leather gloves on I took a heat gun and started forming the shapes. Then, I sanded them down. 180 grit, then 220 grit and last 400 grit. After that it was all about the rub and buff.
Here is my tip for Rub and buff.

"Use your figures! Spread the past evenly with no build up. You must lay a even smooth base first! Once it is even with no build up or low point with not enough product. Then with a soft cloth gently buff the shine in only when it is even."


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Very nice work! One little suggestion: ya may wanna round off the inner corners of the neck piece (closest to the neck.) It should look more curved rather than square. You may have to add some styrene to do that. Other than that, I gotta say you've made quite some progress.(y)
Agreed! I didn't have a great shot of it but a bud of mine Jim sent some good clean shots
I need a girth belt but I'm low on the green. So, I might try to do my bolo braid with my leather skills. I've seen the rope used on some costumes does anyone do this here?

Oh! It seems that the shin and thigh guards are connected to the jump suit but is there a trick to keep it close to the leg?

Next on my list...gauntlets, knee guards, then Jet pack!
Thank a ton guys!
The armor looks really nice though I have to agree with Jimmy Buffett. You may want to contact Cruzer if you need a girth belt, his work is simply amazing.

From what I believe I think the shin and thigh guards use elastic straps that go into the jumpsuit and wrap around the legs. I could be severely wrong regarding that of course.
Oh! It seems that the shin and thigh guards are connected to the jump suit but is there a trick to keep it close to the leg?

Next on my list...gauntlets, knee guards, then Jet pack!
Thank a ton guys!

Hey Rob, the armor is looking good!

Contact Asok for the Jango knees, I've used them and they're great. Great price too.

For the thigh armor, you can use snaps or velcro to keep it on the suit. The next thing to do is make sure the holster's leg straps go over the thigh armor. The holster straps will keep the armor close to the leg.

The shin armor can be snapped or velcro'd, but some people also use elastic straps hidden through the leg of the jumpsuit.

Nice Jango helmet too. ;)

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Wow! I like to get those Knee guards but I have to watch the green, if you know what I mean. I think I can swing it with those knee guards it's the girth belt that I'm looking at. Plus, I think I'm I can handle the gauntlets and Jet pack as well.
Just the girth close yet so far!....
Does anyone know where I can get a loan for this stuff.!
what are you looking to pay for a stubby JP :jet pack? I just got my MLC2 standard and am "considering" selling my arena pack. it's fully painted.
I have my 1st leather girthbelt available. I made a second one, the first was a little too short in length. I also have a used JD cod and my 1st version holsters. I now use Cruzer's holsters. Pic shows the cod (no longer attached) holsters (tight fit on MR's) and girth.

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