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Been a Star Wars and big Boba Fett fan most of my life. Finally got the desire to start making stuff(just finishing a lightsaber now). I really want to start a Boba Fett costume. Of course, the helmet is the place to start. I was looking at the DP and Rubies, I may go fiberglass down the road, but I may be satisfied with a cheaper plastic. I have seen different reviews between the Rubies and DP, looks like DP may be a better way to go, but others say they are about the same. Also, if I went with a Rubies, would a Boba be better or convert a Jango? I'm not sure how handy I can be in regards to painting an such, kind of why I am leaning from a raw fiberglass. Thanks
If you HAVE to get a cheaper one, get a Don Post 95 or 96. Rubies is much smaller and innaccurate. My advice is to get a fiberglass or resin kit. But, if you dont have the cash flow and you want one now, get a Don Post. I use a DP 95 and am happy with it, but this year I will be upgrading.
Thanks for the reply. I am leaning toward a Don Post, if I can find one. I may buy a fiberglass one day, but I may find myself happy enough with a Don Post. Have to find one and see. So, I want a 95 or 96? I have heard bad things on the 97.
The Don Post helmets seem very hard to find. There are a couple on ebay. Are there any webstores that carry them anymore?
Impossible to tell which from that page - But that is a DP or a Rubies.

"Rigid plastic", my butt! It's made of the same bendy vinyl as the rest...

I know that it's possible to make a DP 95 work, but I'd still recommend that you simply sqve up a little bit more cash and go for a fibreglass Bobamaker bucket ( Or one of the MS jobs... But I've seen a BM in the flesh, and it's excellent. )
It'll save you a lot of time and effort, and be worth a short wait in the long run.
Yeh Dp's are the best route if your just starting off, but down the line (when they are avaliable again) Jump on a MSH (Movie Sized Helmet) these are top of the line, but arent always easy to get ur hands on. None the less, keep your eyes pealed.
I'm new, too, dude! But have lurked for a while. Just to let you know, I started out with a DP '97 and was happy with it, until I left it in the attic for a year and it warped like an old candle. Very sad. But it's a good helmet to start with.

If you decide to go fiberglass and would like a DP sized one, though (in case you have a small frame like I do...a mystery helmet on me would make me look like a Kubrick Fett doll). I've heard that skygunbro makes a very nice fiberglass pulled version of one of the DP's.
I wouldn't waste your time with a DP or Rubies...:puke
Not these days, when you can get a more accurate and QUAILITY MADE (y) bucket for a bit more cash :facepalm ...

Just keep saving money and buy a really good bucket "ONCE"...:)

rather than a couple of cheap buckets that will never ever ever staisfy your needs and end up costing you close to the same as a good one would of...:(

Just my thoughts anywayz...;)

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