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i would jump all over a set of these what a great set of gauntlets! would not expect anything but from FP! truly amazing work! let me know whenyou want a buyer...ill be waiting


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You and me both! :lol:

Anyone hear anything about these yet?

I haven't announced anything yet actually ;)

But they'll be made available once I get settled from my move. Right now I'm finishing up the FPH project since that's what I have to work with without my major shop tools and molds.

But I assure you, these will be made available. Thanks for the interest !!! More updates coming in the near future, as we closed on a house this week, and the movers are on their way !!



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I'll sell a kid if I have to to get a pair of these. :D Besides visiting the future mother-in-law I never thought I'd have a reason to visit Klamath Falls. :D These are simply beautiful and I must have a pair.


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So, a newbie question here... when these are available for order will that be placed in a new post in the Jango Fett area of the forums or will it be in a different section of the forums? I'd have to beat myself repeatedly if I miss this run.


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still dying for these...any idea on what the cost will be for the pair and when? Im trying to decide if i want to go with a cheap pair for now and get these when they come out depending on the time frame...if it's going to be real soon...I'll hold off...please, please spread some good cheer..LOL


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Here we go again...:lol: I am deep into my Boba costume but it won't be complete until I get a pair of FP gauntlets...and now I am going to be making a Jango? Good grief :) With a pair of these beauties how could you not go all the way and complete the ensemble. :lol:lol::lol:


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Those are absolutly fabulous

Much Respect.


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And that huge pic of that Ali G ??? man, you could post it a little smaller, dont you think so ??? (this is a Jango thread... ;) ).

Mike M.

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