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Hey guys and gals :)

It's about time. I know. I've eluded, I've hinted, but somehow it
all appeared to be hype and hot air :lol: Now bear with me. I’m tired as all hell, it’s 5:30 am, and I’m real dingy in the head right now. So I may not remember half of what I typed, and it’s subject to be edited tomorrow :lol: And sorry in advance for any spelling errors :lol:

Here we go, the long winded stuff ….

After 4+ months of R&D invested in the re-sculpt, finish procedures, and the aquisition of some "Screen Used" pieces, they're finally a reality :cheers

This project has DOMINATED my life during this period. I Haven't had time to finish anything else (a lot of things started, not finished), nor have I had the time to give any of my personal attention to the members of TDH. I'd like to apologize for being scarce, and hard tor each at times. Hopefully you'll feel that my efforts have been directed properly when you see the pics below.

About these gauntlets ...

These are unlike anything that has been attempted to date. From the screen used parts, to the first screen accurate finish, this is a pretty big leap forward for the Jango community.

They have been "re-sculpted", not modified from my original gauntlets. Sizing is based on measurements and screen cast items. Although, my old gauntlets were closer to screen sizing that most may have known ;) This time around however, they're as close as reasonably possible to the real deal. The whip dart housing is cast from a Fox Screen original. The left gauntlet rocket (not pictured in this thread) is screen cast as well. It didn't make it to picture day unfortunately :lol:

In addition to the new sculpt (based on actual measurements of the screen used shells, and a few close-up pictures taken of the them as well, the new finish, and screen used parts, there are also a couple of newly added details that some may not have known were there. Lets see if you can find them ;)

If anyone has a 12 inch Jango Figure (Marmit Style), you might notice that the flame thrower housing and mounting appears to be based on this 1/6 th scale figure. This is absolutely not the case. I'm only saying this now, as it's sure to com up. In actuality, the 12 inch JF figure, is just more accurate than we ever gave it credit for on some things :lol:

Last but not least, lets talk closures. I'm sure you will notice that there are extra hinges in there :lol: Well, the right gauntlet clam shell closure is screen accurate. The left screen used gauntlet did in fact have Velcro in there. I personally hate Velcro. So I decided to give it a shot on the left gauntlet as well for practicality and wear ability. No cracked shells from Velcro here, I guarantee it. When these go to production, I may not have the time to ensure that these bad boys will all wear this badge (so to speak). So if it comes down to it, and I can't sacrifice the additional time on these new closures, I'd be happy to make a tutorial on how to do it. Otherwise, to build a set up like this is going to cost a small fortune in time.

On that note, I'd also like to say a few words about the materials and process on these. This isn't your average cold casting here. First and foremost, the molds and masters need to be virtually defect free, for these to look as smooth as they do. But the process is another story. The material I am using to carry the aluminum powder is proprietary to me for now. Not because I'm trying to be elitist. I want to nip that in the bud right out of the gates. What it has to do with is investment. I had to purchase it in a bulk amount. Until that supply is gone, I'm not breathing a word about it, so please do not ask. This is necessary for me to do unfortunately, until my investment is secured.

The process. Not just dumping aluminum into a cup of resin. Again, to achieve this finish, there are other steps involved. In addition to a virtually defect free mold, the resin material and aluminum have to be degassed before application. Twice. Once after mixing, and once after catalyzing. Then, the molds are placed into a pressure pot as well. After the getting rid of those pesky air bubbles, then come the layers. The degassing process isn't required for second and third layer of aluminum ( I apply 3 so you can buff them for years to come before you wear it off :lol: ), but nevertheless, it's still 2 more layers. 3 more steps :lol: then there is the lamination layer. Starting to get the idea? :lol: In all seriousness, this is a VERY difficult casting project. Even for a single kit. It's a pain in the :moon :lol: And before anyone even goes there, no I do NOT enjoy it. In the least :lol:

I would have to say, that if I make a few of these available to cover some of my R&D costs, they will most likely have to be in kits. If I took the time to build multiple kits up like this one, you'd never get them. There isn't enough time in the day :lol: But it should be noted, that assembling this kit is not for the faint of heart. It does require advanced skills, I won't lie to ya ;)

Well, enough of that. Here are the pics. You'll either love them, or hate them. I hope not the latter :o

There are more pics in a gallery on my site that I will post a link to in the morning. And in case anyone is wondering, the Whip Dart is NOT aluminum :lol: It was an old rubber dart and tip that I made years ago. The machined rocket that is on the left gauntlet in some of the pics, s also an older rocket, only placed on there for some reference of what it would look like. Some of you probably know that I ran out of time, and didn't get to finish these particular part molds before assembly and picture day ;)

Thanks again for everyone's patience during this project. I hope ya like 'em ;) And oh, one last thing. No matter what, what you're about to see below will most likely be copied, or mimicked by others in the future. This is the nature of the hobby. They could even be recast eventually. As a courtesy to me, please just remember, where you saw it first ;)

























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Too early in the morning for words. Speechless......

My jaw hurts from hitting my hot cup of coffee.:eek: :eek:
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I cant stop looking at these bad boys!! wow...this is one of the best pieces of work I have ever seen on these boards...NOW I am a BOBA guy but you have just conviced me to go all out and do Jango!! thanks for inspiring me with your work!!!!!!
Beautiful! :thumbsup:
I read about the extra hinge and I was a little dumbfounded. Then I saw the picutre with the hinge wire in it and was dumbfounded more. THEN I saw the pic with the gaunt opened and it all made sense! Great work!

I knew I was gonna see something special when this got posted... DAMN DUDE!!!! I will have to agree with DM, I was not a big Jano fan till today... thanks for the new vice :lol:

I know you worked hard on these, you should be proud!!! There a work of art bro! :)
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