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FP, those pictures are incredible! You've outdone yourself man!

Those are gorgeous enough to almost make me want to do a Jango! HAHAHA


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those things are so gorgeous that i can't even give you crap about the rotj guantlets!

i'd want a set of those just to display, even without a jango suit!


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Thanks again guys :)

Chief - don't start down that path, or forever wll it dominate your DESTINY !!! :lol:

Tk7602 - thanks man, I appreciate that. But the ROTJ's are comin up :cheers
And yeah they would look good as a display only piece wouldn't they?? Like right next to a set of MR Blasters !!!! Aweosme idea !!!


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Those are really beautiful Chris. I love the aluminum finish, it just really makes all the difference in these. Definitely lots of great Jango goodies for us, thank you very much for your hard work and doing all of the work for us. It is very greatly appreciated :D


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Wow I am so glad I got put on the list that was made a while ago, I really need a set of these. So amazing, I just love the new cold casting that is going on between these and the helmet the Jango fans out there have plenty to drool over.

Everyone who keeps asking about price, if you haven't noticed certain people don't like this sort of info made public so it is probally best to just stop asking. When and if the time comes where these will become made available I am sure those interested will be contacted and all the important info will be made available. But for the time being lets just leave it at how damn amazing these look and we can all drool..

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So not really being a jango fan myself, i guess i kinda overlooked this thread until now. When i saw the pics though, I about fell out of my chair!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible is an understatment!!! They Look like the real screen used gauntlets to me!!!! Great photography too!!! Well done;)

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Beautiful work on these Chris... Knowing full well the time you've put in, its really amazing to finally get this much deserved response. Even Braks likes them!?!
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I really have NO WORDS... I'm in LOVE with it...

I must admit I was not in Jango as well, but after seeing your Helmet, and now this... I can assure you that I'm FULLY INTO THE JANGO !!!

I really desire to add this costume to my Life-size collection... I'm more than sure that it will be a JEWELL !!!

AMAZING !!! CONGRATULATIONs FOR YOUR AMAZING WORK !!! (now, take a rest a little... relax... go to beach... ;).



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those things are so gorgeous that i can't even give you crap about the rotj guantlets!

Maybe you can't... but I can! :lol:

Get going on the ROTJ gauntlets!!! ;) J/K....!!! :lol:

Good lord... the JF gauntlets are so beautiful, I'd be afraid to wear them if I owned them.

You have raised the bar, once again!!! (y)


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:love Okay ..I'm offline for what Three Days??...and I miss one of the Biggest things to be unveiled in the "Jango Community".....:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I'm sorry I missed this Chris...been a little busy;) ...
But these came out Great!!...."Amazing" is a better word.

I hope everyone knows that these were well worth the wait.....kinda makes you wanna switch from Boba to Jango.................okay maybe;) . LOL!
I can remember when you first mentioned these to me, and I thought to myself...."Damn, what's taking him sooo long?"......Now I can see why.....WELL WORTH THE WAIT Buddy...(y) (y) (y)

It's just Great to see a new and FINAL version is finally out there.....I don't think it'll get ANY better than this...........................How could it.????

God Bless're an Amazing Talent, and Friend.
All "Props" to you my Brother.(y)


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