New Found gauntlet part

Hey guys! Happened to stumble upon what I believe to be the true Boba Fett whipcord found part. Firstly, thank you Ord for providing us with a modern era make of the lighter. This helped on my search to locate this. This here is a K-tel Super Sound anti static device. Now, we've seen the piezoelectric gas lighters that are identical in shape. However this one has some details that in my opinion point toward this being the real found part.

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1. This device was used for vinyl record cleaning. As we all know, many components on Boba Fetts costume were made from Turntable related found parts. Not to mention, the era when these were in production matches up, and we're available during the development of the original costumes.

2. The "SUPER SOUND" sticker along the side of the housing. The placement of this sticker / decal matches up with the indentation that can be seen on the PP1/ PP2 and ESB costume. Other modern models do not have this branding sticker, but we've seen some brands that do - however the sticker placement or shape does not match with the costume part.

Unfortunately, this device is extremely rare / nearly impossible to find (as are nearly every other found part nowadays am I right?). This last one to have sold was just a few weeks ago, but the seller and buyer do not want to be bothered as the deal has been finalized. The seller of the item stated it has been DECADES since he last saw one. Hopefully with some determination, we can locate this found part. Happy hunting, fellow Fetts. Now all I can hope to ask, is if this piece is located, I sure would love to see us work together to make identical replicas for everyone to enjoy.

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Nice job as always!
So my order arrived from Latinafy -- I originally ordered orange, and they were cool enough to e-mail and say it was sold out and hooked me up with another color. Honestly, it's pretty spot on (with the exception of the logo on the anti-static tool). Frankly isn't too much of a big deal to me as it's blacked out w/ paint on the actual prop.

Biggest physical detail however, is the angled slope, which can clearly be scene here (at least on the Pre Pro 2). For sure a great alternative if you can't find the anti-static tool in the wild!



Really cool piece, thank you again to those involved in finding it.

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