New Boba ammo pouch, finished and ready!


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Correct me if I am wrong SC but I dont think there will be more room for improvement. I dont think they can get any accurate than they are right now. ;)

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Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! :) I think all the prototype work has paid off enormously SC as the new stitch "B" is perfect,and the weathering has me thinking of leather now :lol:,......maybe I'll get two ;)

Incidentally would placing a snap behind pouch flaps even be possible for a leather ESB belt design ? I know vinyl is perfect for this but your new stitching "B" on the leather,and that weathering gives the best results yet. :)



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Leather, choice B. No doubt about it. You're gonna suffer of exhaustion if you keep looking for a more accurate look than it is now! Man, your research and your patience has paid off. It's looking awesome like it is now. (y)