New Boba ammo pouch, finished and ready!

sith camaro

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Decided to start a new topic. My plan is to initially make a non-functioning pair in both leather, and vinyl. The insides will be solid. Then, using MMM's idea, I will attempt functioning ones by using pieces of metal as support inside.
To me, it's not that important if they function. Fett has a ton of other pockets here and there, and these are pretty narrow for someone with gloved fingers to get inside.
This is just the vertical flap, using BB's 4.5x1.85 figures. The stitching is simulated, since this is only a test run. Although, if I made leather ones, I could do the same thing.....but then the stitch count would probably be off! :lol:

OH MAN do those look sweet.

Have I mentioned how I've always considered you my BESTEST friend on the whole board? :)

Keep it up! :)
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Well it looks alright. I'm stopping by your place for my approval. :lol:

Just kidding! it looks good so far man.

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That looks great, SC. Even the simulated stitching would be fine if the pouch was non-functional.
I don't get any credit for that metal insert idea, as I said, it was used by infantrymen to keep the shape of their leather cartridge boxes that held rolled paper cartridges 250 years ago. :lol: Glad I could help. :)
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Is that leather or vinyl material in the test pic? The measurements definitely seem to have worked out pretty well.

Listen to SC! You'll never get a proper looking ammo belt with functional pouches. The flaps will never lay properly! But I suppose having the "functional pouch" option is neat, so that you can store tic-tac's or Pez candies...not that you could get them out or anything :lol:
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The test piece is leather. As for getting the flap to lie right on the functional ones, I was thinking about gluing a belt piece of metal across the inside of the flap, so it matches up well with the body of the pouch. But that's just a thought. I have yet to try it. Got to make the non-functional ones first. ;)
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I really love being told what I can't do ;). It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Looks like the proverbial gauntlet has been cast down. I need functional pouches to accomodate my set of micro tools that I have been amassing to maintain my metal armor. They can also hold car keys, batteries, cash, I'll work on a set, and share my trials with sithcamaro.
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Why would you even put yourself through the hassle of functioning pouches man?? Just way easier not to, not to mention much more accurate. Like Tyler said... Unless you really need breath mints or something. I could understand if they were big enough for a pack of cigarettes in each but it just seems like more work for no reason...
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Yeah, I know. But I'd like to be able to offer them, to people who really want them to function. (and pay more) :lol:
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SC - If your using metal to reinforce the flap, why not put a magnet on the inside fo the pouch. A strong enough magnet would hold the flap down thru the leather or vinyl. Being on the inside cuts down on some of the room, but would keep it invisible. I don't know how easy it would be to open with gloves and all, but it's worth a shot. Just send me one when your done! ;)
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It was only a recommendation...or plight or plea :lol:
The only reason I mentioned it is because other pouches have suffered in terms of accuracy trying to recreate the pouch with a functional lid. For those people who are more interested in accuracy over functionality, it is a case of not only remaining accurate to the original, but that the original construction has a good deal to do with a final, accurate look.

But I think it is a great idea to have useable pouches for those who would also like to incorporate some functionality into their suits. It would come in handy especially if you have a set of metal armor. Or a booty call ;)

Can't wait to see a final version in vinyl. Have you given thought to incorporting the pouch snaps for the ESB/SE crowd?
I have go back and find the best pic of the snap. Though I suppose it would be easy enough for us to just glue the snap to the pouch lid.

MegalomaniacalMandalore wrote:

I really love being told what I can't do ;). It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Looks like the proverbial gauntlet has been cast down.
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Yeah, get me some good pictures of the snaps. Don't want to upset any of the ESB guys by not adding snaps. :p
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Well considering we will be meating in person soon for my vader capes pick-up, I would hate showing up angree because you forgot my ESB snaps! :lol:
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