New BKBT Foot Armor


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The prototypes & mold have been finished for awhile but I have been way too crazy with work to make up a set for myself until now. The left & right foot are identical & this is how they look on Reinone's boots. I tried to take as much criticism into account when making these & did digital overlays until my eyes went buggy:eek:. There is no way to get these things to line up exactly with the lines of the screen used boot since there are minor discrepencies with the replica boot. I have tried to get as close as possible & will be moving on to other parts at this point.

pics uploaded shortly
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pics uploaded



The shoe in the pic is size 10 so the pieces should be ok for most shoe sizes. I still have the thigh armor to finish (1/2 sone & next on my list), the shins & new knee armor as well. Progress can sometimes be slow but I am working on these pieces for my own upgraded Jango that I'll be wearing on Halloween, so you know the deadline;)
Vince what the world really needs are some great shins. Are you still making all the other parts? I can't beieve I have only trooped once in jango, and I have replaced the gaunlets, knees and am looking for more new parts!
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