New BKBT Armor Pieces


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I've had a little more time to work on some other pieces. Please critque for changes to be made before I begin to mold these up.


In comparison, I think you hit it right on target. Great job as always dude!

(Who wishes he was a foot shorter to actualy wear the armor)
Loving it!

Maybe it's the angle of the pics....but....
The Cod appears to be missing the raised section at the front.....

See Pic.

I refuse to believe you missed something, but thought I might ask if the detail is there before you cast anything.


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It is almost impossible to get the same angles for pics (I don't have a tripod) so when I do overlays some details line up & others are out a bit. This could be due to a variance in the angle of the shot but something could be off as well. The step is there, just hard to see. Primer grey doesn't photgraph very well.

Here's another tweak that could be made to the foot armor, the raise in the ankle portion seems a bit deep and the bottom curve could be shaved down.
Overall, that's looking really good Vince.(y) (y)



Hey BKBT, man your stuff is gorgeous.

On the cod, your bottom pic where you compare angles with actual prop, the curve looks right, but on the top pic, it looks funny, so you may disregard what I am saying.

I did this to illustrate maybe its too thick? I hate angles, they are unfair judgements...just my 2 cents:

Whatever the tweaks, its just good to see someone making this stuff. Sadly I already have my armor, but I know some starting out that will really benefit from this work.
Tweaks have been made. I'll take a fresh batch of pics tomorrow when I'm at the shop for new comparison pics. I have also just started the thigh plates so pics of those will be up as well.
I'd sand down the bottom part of the flat area of the cod to angle it down a little and to narrow it like the original.

I know on the boot spat I had a difficult time creating the two opposing curves, so I had to build up the edges with body filler to finally achieve a curve similar to the original.

Looking good.(y)
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