General Nemrod Holster length question


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Hello all! I'm in need of a measurement from anyone who has either an original or a cast from original nemrod holster.
I purchased an original from a member not long ago. The original needed repairing. So, my task is set. See pic...
2015-03-06 23.17.33.png

I'm in need of an accurate measurement to replicate and attach to my original. I need the length of the red outlined section, and width if you'll take the time. Here is my original in progress to get a better idea of what we're dealing with... I've cut the broken section away to attach a cleaner piece and make a stronger joint.
The measurements i need are from the (first) type of holster nemrod put out. They eventually snapped off and nemrod changed to a rubber strap like the top loop. If anyone has a measurement for me, I'd be indebited.


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Does anyone know where I can get the rubber ribbed strap to hang my holster onto my belt (mine ripped) … what is it called ?