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I need some help from you guys,

I want to re-paint my pre-pro helmet in the ESB colors but I want to do it using the "off the shelf" spray paint. I know I should use the official Airbrush spray colors but I don't think I'm going to do that so, I have a couple of questions...

1) Is the closest ESB Green for the dome and cheeks - Rustoleum, Painter's Touch, Sage Green, 1933 ?

2) My second questions is a bit of a it is any one interested in picking up a couple of cans for me?? I checked every store here in Ottawa, Canada and finally called the Rustoleum company. 1933 is only available in the US. I was hoping someone would be nice enough to pick up 2 cans and ship them to me if I paid them through pay-pal of something.....? I don't know, it's a bit pushy but I'm getting desperate....(sounds of crickets in background....)



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Actually, I'm doing the very same "off the shelf" method! Testors Modelmaster SAC Bomber Green works well for the dome and cheeks. I've used Tamiya dark olive, then a black mist on the inner mandibles. Tamiya dull red for the t-area (although Floquil Boxcard Red may be more accurate) The only area so fae that is troubling me is the back of the helmet, which I'm working on now. I'm going to create a master color list of spray cans with manufacturers when I am finished.

Yes, I do.. but they're sort of spread around! When I'm done there will be a thorough chronicle of my paint-up. That's soon to be done.

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Not sure about the airbrush but I have seen a couple other posts with recomendations.....try the search.

As for my second question from the original post, Kibosh has been nice enough to help me out. So far he has been great and I really appreciate someone stepping up to help out a fellow TDH'er. I offered to trade him some Canadian Bacon, Mayple Syrup and a Beaver Tail. We're still working out the details.

And I still haven't had any comments about my first question.....any experts out there??

1) Is the closest ESB Green "Non-airbrush colors" for the dome and cheeks - Rustoleum, Painter's Touch, Sage Green, 1933 ?

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