need some advise on a mele weapon I am making


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I found a GI joe Sigma 6 Snake Eyes action set and I was thinking about using the enclosed (sword)

but I wont be using it as a sword. I am thinking about taking out the cheap plastic blade and trying to find a peace of PVC that is the right diameter to fit snug in the handle

and then drill holes down the length of the PVC to allow the light the hilt creates to come through. My question is what do you think is the best way to attach it to the handle (epoxy)? and also what do you think is the best way to holster it to my costume??
here is a final pic of it taken apart.
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Yes go with a strong epoxy. As to the sheath, make it from leather or a leatherette and have it hanging from your belt, the shape of the hilt reminds me of tonfa or side-handled batons.
Looks pretty cool. Since it looks like and was designed as a bladed tonfa, perhaps you can use that to your advantage. Many police department and Army surplus or martial arts supply stores may carry an already made holster to hold the weapon for you. I would go with a type of loop holster that the blade will slide through, giving you alot more range of motion than using a full length leather/pleather sheath for it. Don't you think? I'd also use epoxy, the heavy duty stuff. I've attempted to use Welder adhesive and Goop this week, which everyone swears by, I wasn't that impressed with either sadly-even after waiting the 24 hours plus to cure. So use epoxy, it should hold it together quite well...Good luck-and lets see some pics once you're done!

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I've been looking everywhere for that snake-eyes set, where'd you find it?

I'm gonna have to agree with Dha Syntir on this. But, I usually just use existing weapons, so.....
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