Need Help with Chest Armor Colour



Was hoping I could pick a few people's brains here.

I've read over the past year that the colour that most people use on their chest armor and codpiece is Rustoleum Spruce Green. Okay, maybe I shouldn't say most people use it, but, most of the posts seem to point to that (for out of the can anyway).

Well, being up in Canada, I couldn't get that colour . . . until I went on my road trip last week. Picked up three cans in Boston.

Was all psyched up to finally be able to paint my chest armor . . sprayed some on the inside to see how it looks . . . . I don't think it looks right! hahaha

It doesn't look "green" enough to me.

So . . . I'm just wondering . . . are most people still kind of sticking with the spruce green? If so, are you misting it with anything? Or, am I just colour blind and that really is a lot closer to the real colour than I think?

Any thoughts would be sweet! :)

Didn't look green enough? HMMMMM! I guess I kinda thought mine looked too green w/ just plain rustoleum on it. I added a heavy layer of drk gull grey w/ an airbrush to get mine looking decent. (at least it looks decent to me :lol:) I posted pics of my armour a few weeks back, so you may want to look at those & see if thats the look you want. wish I could be more help.

DL44 Blaster wrote:

Jeremy aren't you doing ESB? If so,what about the Panzer green?


ANyone able to set up some comparason shots of the chest plates and helmet to see if the armor is the same panzer color? I'm curious about this also now.

If the armour is in fact the same panzer 1943 green that was used on the helmet, then its definately heavily misted or has another color sprayed over the top of it. the armour is alot darker than the helmet in every pic I have ever seen, (both ESB & ROTJ) It sure could be 43' panzer though! I have some extra paint layin around so maybe I'll try a few test pieces this weekend. I'll try to post some pics so you can see what it looks like.
Yeah, I'm an ESB man. Is there any other way?

I dunno . . . I'm starting to think I'm just going crazy is all.

What I'm basing my problems on is looking at the pics of the armor in the pictures of the exhibits. And I just thought that the chest armor had a bit more of a "brighter" and "deeper" green tinge to them. I've tried a forest green, which is definitely way to dark but . . . I just thought that the pics of the exhibits looked brighter than the Rustoleum Spruce Green.

I do agree though . . the chest armor always looks different to me than the Panzer green (which I've played a little with) . . . . having said that though, I do think the Panzer looks closer to the chest armor than the Spruce does?

Or am I just suffering from BBS??

(Braks Buddy Syndrome--over-analyzing things WAY too much) :)

You cannot go by the exhibit armor color for the ESB armor, as both the exhibits feature Jedi-style armor. You can only guess they used a similar process on the ESB armor, which isn't even that safe of a guess.

I'm of the opinion that the chest armor for the ESB is a different color than the helmet. Thought it's probably heavily weathered, you just never see the armor do a freaky pepto like the helmet does at times.
BBS? :lol: :lol: Yeah, I think that may be very catchy, and lets hope it doesn't reach epidemic proportions :lol: I completely understand ya there ego, just when I think I got my armour looking good, I change my mind & re-do it! I'm up to seven or eight repaints already. I don't know what it is about that darn green, but just the slightest difference in lighting completely changes the way it looks. Also, I thought I had my green really close the last time I painted, but after I sprayed it w/ lusterless overcoat, the color really changed. I think the secret to getting fairly accurate, (outside of having the actuall real color & real armour as a guide,) is to pic a good ref. photo, & then do your painting in the same lighting conditions. My shop has all flourescent lighting, so of course I get super frustrated when I take my armour outside & it looks totally wrong. :lol: I never did get to see any af the exhibits, but I was wondering what kind of lights they had on the suit? My aromour looks very dark and barely green under outside conditions, but indoors w/ bright lights turns it much lighter and very green. Go crazy? Dont mind if I do! :lol:
WHEWHOO!!!! I now have a disease named after me! Boy-oh-boy! You know you have hit your 15 min of fame when THAT happens!
Well, I agree with you Tyler, the ESB armor is definitely a different shade than the helmet, and it definitely looks to be a darker shade.

I guess I was being presumptuous in thinking that the ROTJ armor was painted the same colour as the ESB but . . . in thinking about it . . . there's no reason why it should have been so . . . guess this means back to the drawing board.

In comparing the spruce green to the panzer green, going on the assumption that that is indeed the colour, the spruce is way off.

Time to pull out my closet full of green paint and do some more comparisons I guess.

As for BBS . . . . god help us all--I think it could be worse than SARS and Ebola combined! ;)

So I take it no one with a freshly repainted ESB helmet has done much legwork on colour for the chest armor?

BBS- :lol:

That comment done, I'm planning on my ESB suit, to use the Panzer Olive Grun 1943 of the helmet on my gauntlets and jet pack.

Working on the same theory of WWII colors used for ESB,
The chest and cod armor don't look that much like German colors. Have to check some pics of US and British armor.

Although that can be misleading too. There were soooo many different varieties of "Olive Drab", each made by a different supplier.

(Yeah, WWII in Sixth Scale has been an ongoing hobby for years...) :)

So, I plan to find a dark green that has the same color properties as the Panzer Olive Grun 1943- by that, I mean the same color absorbing, rather than reflecting properties. Military colors are designed to absorb light, not reflect it, don't want to be giving away hiding places!

As soon as my new hobby shop gets in the military colors, I can check 'em out...

Of course, all the above doesn't mean squat for the knees and shoulders...


Unless, there was a color like that used on the nosecone of a say, a fighter plane. Hmmm, trying to think of the variant paint schemes of a P-51D Mustang or Spitfire. Hmmm, did the Stuka have a yellow striped nose,just behind the black stripe?

Criminey, I think I've got BBS!!!

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