Need better harness


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the harness system I set up for my jet pack is really starting to annoy me. I am looking for something different. I know when the MLC pack was being built originally someone (I think it was BKBT) designed a harness to go along with them. I've looked through the MLC jet pack thread and found where it was but the pics are dead. Anyone have pics of that harness and know wether they are still avalible?

Jango Wes

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Brandy has one and she likes it. I think he has a version 2 now. The best way to describe it is a backpack without the pack. The back is padded as are the shoulder straps. It's very nice. I'll be getting one for my MLC.



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Yea I have one for my MLC jet pack from BKBT. Jango Wes said it best, it's like a backpack with out the part you put stuff in.