Need an idea on a custom mando helmet.

Zurath Kodul

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I'm trying to hunt down a rubies Jango, going to use it for my custom costume. I'm going to alter the visor to look battle damaged. What I'm planing is to remove the visor, alter it so that it looks like cracked glass. Then put back the part that covers my mouth, therefore the missing part will reveal one eye. Think it would work? I realy need help on this. If any of you can find the 2 pc. Rubies Jango for $20 or less, it'd be great.

Don't think your going to find many people here with the 2pc Jango helmet. You are going to have to eventually break down and use the "dreaded eBay". Sorry dude.
hopefull fett no offence but maybe you should slow down and pick one costume at a time. I know as does everyone else here that there are so many costumes so little time & money. The best way to get a costume done is to pick one and roll with it. Take it easy ya know. I'm not trying to bash you or anything just passing along some advice for one costumer to another. You seem to really just want one as soon as possible but don't rush it, the best results come with patience and hard work. In the end after doing one complete costume you'll see the hard work that it takes to make it and you will be much wiser and you will come to respect others works alot more after putting some blood sweat and tears into your own work of art.

Just thought that might help you achive your goal a little faster and a little better.
I know, thanks for not yelling at me this time.

What I'm doing is this: I'm making the custom for myself, while I gather my supplies for the RG. I'm using my head, this time.
Here's what I might reccomend. Why don't you start the armor first? You can use the "trashcan armor" technique that is listed in one of the threads and it'll only cost you $10-20 for the trashcans.

While you are working on the armor, check out thrift stores for jumpsuits and/or outfit parts that will work in your benefit.

During this whole time, start saving your cash until you have around $50-60 extra cash...this will get you your helmet. Once you have the cash (1-4 months maybe?) maybe you'll get lucky and find a member on the boards here who will buy a helmet on eBay with your money and ship it to you at shipping cost.

But start with the things you can do or make easily at first.

When I started my mando, I started work on my jumpsuit first, then waited 2 months until I could buy my pre-cut armor. Then, it was about 3 months until I got my helmet. Just takes time, my good man.
I know, there's a guy on the MWG boards with a DP helm W/O visor or RF. He'll sell it to me for $20, I'm trying to get Solojedi's armor for $70, and I'll get a pair of coveralls for $20 at walmart. Then all I need is the saber, blaster, and cloak. I'm not big on making a JP or paying $200+ for one.
Saber and blaster can be made pretty easily. I made a couple saber hilts out of hardware store parts. And my blaster was a repainted and modified nerf gun.



The cloak should be pretty easy to sew, does your mom or anyone in your family sew or use a sewing machine at all? As for the jet pack...I'm in the same boat as you...debating whether to make or buy...both being either tedious or expensive.
And in Open Seasons there seems to be 2 groups, the flyers (Vertigo Squad) and the ground guys(name unknown)
IMHO the helmet is the most important part of the armor. So definetly try and get the best available, even if it means saving up for it and getting it last.
Well, I'm working on hte designs now, I'll uplaod them when they're both done.

Ok, they'e just repainted coloring pages, but it'll give you an idea.
ok, I have them finished.

FYI, the whit spot on the visor is where the battle damage will be.

I kinda rushed the red/black.


Well, which looks better?
I like the red better. The green looks too much like pea soup...and other things that you will only know if you are a parent of a small infant.
hopefull fett, where did you find those pictures? I want to color one too and post here to show everyone what I'm going for
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