My sintra built gauntlets

My sintra built gaunts (now with templates)

Well, after what seems like endless hours of cutting and shaping and bondo-ing and sanding and sanding, here they are. I just finished the first paintjob, and they still need weathering. Let me know what you think.

Just added the templates I used to build these. They should all print on 8.5"x11" paper. Keep in mind that these are very rough and will need a lot of work. But its a good starting point, I hope.

I started With curved halves of sintra that fit around my arm and built everything on top of those.

Here are some construction pics to show how I put them together. Please note that these are rough templates and should be adjusted as needed to fit your arms. There were also many small areas that I filled with bondo instead of trying to cut small pieces of plastic for.

I epoxied a hinge down the one side and the other side closes with magnets available at . I used P125AH.

Feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.












  • Left Gaunt Side 1.pdf
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  • Left Gaunt Side 2.pdf
    35.4 KB · Views: 941
  • Left Gaunt Top1.pdf
    31.4 KB · Views: 653
  • Left Gaunt Top 2 final.pdf
    31.3 KB · Views: 722
  • Right Gauntlet Template Front.pdf
    14.8 KB · Views: 776
  • Right Gauntlet Template sides.pdf
    39.7 KB · Views: 762
  • Right Gauntlet Template top.pdf
    43.5 KB · Views: 712
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WOW! VERY NICE! I am IMPRESSED! If I have extra time, I'll give them a try! This thread needs to be stuck so everyone can have more gauntlet templates. Congraudlations!
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Wow, thank you so much for this wonderful template!! I'll send pictures when I complete it.
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As we can see . . You endless hours of work paid off. Pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to a good meal!
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Great job!! I did my first two sets from Sintra.. Ohh the hours of sanding, filling, sanding, filling......
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very impressive...most impressive... wow i can't believe it! now i know i can make guantlets out of sintra and with these pics it should be no problem for me. thanks and wow! great job!
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Very nice work! Gauntlets have got to be one of the toughest pieces to fabricate.

Are those light bright pegs for darts?
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what a wonder..........this things give me paciense to finish my scrath JP.....
very good job on this, bio.....
what U use for the flametrower? is a machined one? and sorry I from Argentina and I don´t know what is a "light bright pegs" ................
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Thanks Chewiepal.

I think the part you are refering to is the "Gauntlet Missle" on the top of the left gauntlet. I bought that off of one of the members here. It is made of resin. If you ask around, you probably could find one.

A Lite Bright is a kids toy. Just google it and you can find info on it if ya need.

Thanks for the complinents,
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