My ROTJ helmet finished


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I just finished painting my new helmet,I will be adding a R/C rangefinder and blinking LEDS to it as well. Let me know what you think, pictures don't do it justice, it looks much better in person.



Excellent Work! :D
You did a really good job with the painting and weathering!
Are you using an aluminum stalk and is it a FB helmet?
Looks really super Ruffkin! Only thing I can see, (Please forgive me for being critical, :) ) I'm pretty shure the ROTJ cheek accents are charcoal green instead of black, and the back of the helmet is a darker bluish green. besides that, Your bucket looks amazing. You got a really nice weathering effect going there! Great job man! (y)
Thanks for the comments and critics(thats what I want)
Yes the RF stalk is aluminum and it is fiberglass. BobaFettish, it is a MSH but slightly modified to look closer to the ROTJ helmet. I sanded the area the ears go on to reduce the flare a bit and tried to take out the ESB wink(hope it worked)
As far as the colors, I was working off of the MOTM pics and tried to match it close. I believe the back is just a darker green for the Jedi helmet, I may be wrong though. As far as the cheeks they seem to vary in color in the pictures and my helmet does that in different lighting. the green from the cheeks reflects onto the weathered black and creates a new color. Overall I am happy with it.
Looks cool, man! The more i see the ROTJ helmet the more i like it(i'm usually a ESB fan).
Great weathering!

well, apparently my bandwidth has been exceeded and access has been locked. I shrunk the pictures down so hopefully they will be back to working order soon.
And they look pretty good too.

Nice work Ruffkintoy. I'm in the middle of a bucket painting at the moment myself (been slightly interupted by the birth of my son, though!)

great damage and weathering. Colors look good too. Only difference bettween your colors and mine is that my back is slightly brighter green.


Great paint job man. Work of art. I have a question. What do you use to make it chalky and faded like that? In those side pics, the back looks cloudy, and faded. It makes it look older and duller. I like that.
For the back I painted the base green on, then painted the silver battle damage,did some scrapes with a sharp object, and then misted part of it with a flat gray using an airbrush.
I am going to try to get some better close up pics to show all the detail.:)
Thanks for the compliments
Great work! :D(y)
Can't wait to see the close up pics and some pics of it being worn! :D
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