My ROTJ gauntlets


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Hi ppl

these are my recently 'finished' ROTJ gauntlets. I managed to get a cheap set of fibreglass gauntlets off ebay and then scratch built the flamer and the side gizmo on the right gauntlet.

Not sure what my flash has done to the rocket but it is not really that yellow (in the pics it looks like something from toy town :lol: ). Actually looking at the pics i might repaint the entire rocket anyway.




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Jun Garros Fett

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They turned out nice.
Did you use a bright gold paint on the rocket tip? That would explain the yellowish appearance in the pics. I think it's supposed to be more of a copper colour.

:cheers to ya.


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100% correct :lol:

gold it was, i am going to repaint the tip anyways and will try to get a more accurate bronze colour.