My ROTJ bucket

I've been gathering all kinds of parts and really don't have much more to acquire. So far though all I've painted is the helmet, except not the ears and RF. Haven't done any black wash yet, the visor is just slipped in. I still have to finish my MQ-1 board as well.

I've been kinda worried to posting my work up here, as many of you are very skilled at this. I'm looking for any feedback, positive or negative. My thoughts so far are: The metal spots are too exagerated, and the cheeks should have a tint of blue or green.

Anyways, here's a pic with and without the flash:


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Looks like a great start but I'd add some more detailing to the dent if you could. Its a bit washed out. Try adding some dark gray or black in a tiny bit of outlining around it.
Off to a great start, Bantha! I agree, you went a little heavy on the weathering in the cheek area (center area and along the bottom ridge).

I also agree that you need some hint of the blue/green color on the inner cheeks.

In regard to the dent area, if you're doing a movie-accurate paint job you don't need any black or gray in the actual dent; the real Jedi dent is just plain silver. The detail is probably a little soft due to the casting.
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