My ROTJ 95 project

Man I wish I had a digital camera to show my work in progress! I have spent a LOT of time mixing paint to get that elusive green on the ROTJ helmet, but I feel I've got it. I'm in the process of masking the silver areas now. I should be ready to airbrush by tonight. If all goes as scheduled I should be finished by this weekend. I'll take pics & post them by then. Just thought I'd share.
Are you using airbrush colors? Or painting on acryllic? I was thinking about going with acryllic paints on the green since I've never seen a spray paint that looks right
I'm airbrushing a special mix of enamels. I have never found a pre-mix spray paint that I liked. It was always either too green or grey. I'll let everyone be the judge when I'm finished.
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