My pic beats your pic..

Boba Swede

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Here is a game which can be found on some forums. I've never seen it here so i thought i'd try it out.... it's kinda like the Word association game.. but with pictures..

The rules are simple. I start by posting a picture. The next person has to post a picture which "beats" mine.

for example.

I post a picture of a paper bag

The next person then posts a picture of a pair of scissors (scissors beats paper.. ;) )

Another person then posts a picture of a hammer... you can certainly damage a pair of scissors with a hammer...

and so on...

But you will have to motivate your picture...

so to set things off... here is a picture off a

Double ****. You both beat me....

Fine....vaporator on the South Ridge beats Farmboy:

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so do we have to beat the spork, or the robosaurus since i got in with the spork first? just curious...:D