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Discussion in 'Original Trilogy Bounty Hunters' started by Jorun Lakhil, Feb 13, 2013.

  1. Jorun Lakhil

    Jorun Lakhil Member

    Just finished my Bossk costume, one year of work, yesterday and thought I should share some pics.
    Everything self made, except the head, bought from a GG guy in Germany. Hope to hear a feedback from all of you, what do you think ?
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  2. thebeans

    thebeans Member

    He's great! nice work(y)
  3. ICEmonkey

    ICEmonkey Member

    Excellent job with the bossk costume , a real eye catcher
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  4. Mullreel

    Mullreel Well-Known Member

    Very fine looking kit.
  5. Edrrak Nolat

    Edrrak Nolat Active Member

    Looks great!
  6. archtk

    archtk Jr Member

    Holy cow,

    I had to look at them twice it looks like right of the ESB set.

    well done buddy, very very nice!
  7. sleepalot

    sleepalot Active Member

    Sweet lookin Bossk
  8. red white

    red white Jr Member

    Woah! That looks great! Gotta love Bossk. You should be proud, you did an excellent job!
  9. xmr

    xmr New Member

    Great to see a not so common lifesize :)
  10. Spaar

    Spaar Jr Member

    It`s always an exciting and admirable thing to see how much enthusiasm and stamina some "crazy" people out there display when they make their dreams come true! (y)
    Highly impressive!
  11. sausagemahoney

    sausagemahoney Jr Member

  12. Starheart

    Starheart New Member

    Looks great, congrats!
  13. mekroid

    mekroid Active Member

    THAT is excellent !:)... DEFINITELY have to look at a Bossk myself sometime , Great job there :)
  14. Got2bfett

    Got2bfett Member

    Great job the detail is awesome!
  15. DocSpengler

    DocSpengler New Member

    That's a flawless Bossk. It really does look fresh off a film set.
  16. Jorun Lakhil

    Jorun Lakhil Member

    Thank you all !
    I think it came out quiete well, but it is difficult to wear, cause of the feet and of the lenses inside the mask, have to fix that :)
  17. HoboJay

    HoboJay New Member

    Thats awesome!
  18. Forerunner

    Forerunner New Member

    Amazing work! I agree that it definitely looks like it is off a film set.
  19. Wasted Fett

    Wasted Fett Active Member

    This looks real good!
  20. Darth Voorhees

    Darth Voorhees Well-Known Member

    wow awesome! Love it!
  21. AaronDB94

    AaronDB94 New Member

    Your costume looks fantastic and I'm more than a bit
    jealous haha....great work!
  22. xose421

    xose421 New Member

    Love it!!! Excellent work. The mask looks awesome, more menacing than in the movie.
  23. Newfett72

    Newfett72 New Member

    Good job that,looks great.
  24. redkraytdragon

    redkraytdragon Active Member

    Outstanding!! (y)
  25. That's great. My only suggestion would be to weather the suit a little. You don't want people thinking you haven't seen any action!

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