My MSH ESB bucket finally done!


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I finally got to finish the RF and screved it to the helmet.
The "blue marker line" on the bottom of the cheek is visible on the pics. It was probably not on it originally, but i added it just for kicks;)

View the step by step progress here:

Let me know what you think:)


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I think it looks really good Mikael. Another fine job there buddy.

I am still drooling over mine that you did. Love it!

What's the story behind the blue marker line. I've heard it mentioned a couple of times, but never really understood what it was all about. I just nod sagely and pretend I know so I don't look dumb. :wacko

Again, nice work!

Thanks, Si!
If you look carefully on the reference pics you will notice that it looks like someone has drawn a line with a blue marker on the bottom of the left cheek. Surely not intended in the first place:) There is another one on the right side of the helmet. There is also a little splash of white that looks like it happened by accident in the rear, but it was in the movie. The blue line must have happened after filming sometime.

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