My Mando

Ok it has been a VERY long time since I have posted anything:p

So I figured it was time to show what I have learned from this group please tell me what you think. This Mando is based off of Jaster Mereel still working on the guants and girth belt/sash and will be replacing the visor very soon after that who knows(y) also are some pieces from my arsenal






The Clayster

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Your cod piece is shaped very weird, what is it made out of?

And also, on the nerf, I can see the orange and yellow stuff, so you might wanna spray paint the inside.
Actually it is plastic I used a silver pine spray paint i found at Michaels craft store. The nerf guns are on my list to repaint. Once I get the guants done I'll post the pics.

Zurath Kodul

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Looking good, man.
What kind of helemt are you using? Looks like a DP but I'm not too sure.
Maybe when you finish with this, you can come up and help me with mine? :lol:

Oh, a while back you said you made one for your wife. I don't recall ever seeing a pic on the forums (hint-hint-nudge-nudge).

Keep it up, bro. I love seeing custom mandos.
Once I finish her helmet and can get her to get into it I'll post the pics.

To give everyone an idea of what I am doing with her armor is an ultralight warrior/scout type armor. she will be wearing the standard mando helmet and chest armor with a black duster over everything. I see her basically being my backup. ( I go in guns blazing while she sits back and snipes any opposition)8)