My mando character: Dav'sa Arman

Hello, all.

I'm not sure if I want to make this into armor yet, but I want to show you all a custom figure I made based off of what I'd like a set of my armour to look like. It's inspired by concept art for episode II and seen in Jango fett: open seasons. I named the character Dav'sa Arman. You may have seen this before. I go by the name of ThePerennial on the JediDefender forums and on forums, I go by Dav'sa Arman as well.


Helmet/torso detail:




Action shot:

Thanks, guys!

Yes, I used a VOTC boba fett for my figure, and I swapped boba's belt for the SAGA Djas Phur's because I really like how it looked. The armour is Tamiya brand gunmetal with weathering in Citadel colours Chainmail.

InfraFett: I loke that armour design. cool colours, and it looks different enough from mine. Kinda similar, so I understand where you're getting at, but you definitely have not copied me. it looks very original.
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