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Been awhile, kid's eh. If someone had told me that you become relegated to a Taxi service...


Small updates but pleased with the results.






All needs to be weathered properly & painted.


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Thanks mate, the armour is Red Krayt Dragon's, well priced, efficient & easy to work with.

Some further updates.

(Weathering still needs to be dulled down).




<9474 is my 501st ID>.

A friend is currently doing the Leatherwork for Ee-3 sling & sidearm holster.


That weathering looks absolutely stunning. This will truly be an amazing outfit when completed.


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Rocket top nearly a sod to work with & none too symmetrical.
I'll cast some spare fins as they're really flimsy. I plan to angle them slightly too.



Thanks for the feedback guys.


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A friend finished the sidearm holster in some quality leather.

Shame I can't jutify a Pulce quite yet so a Zapper wil have to suffice for now....


Sling for Ee-3 to follow.

If anyone knows where I can get some screws to connect the sling (Chicago I believe?) & the price won't royally shaft me, i'd appreciate a link.

Ta V.Muchly

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Thanks for the link, appreciate it. I should be able to get something similiar here in England.

+ Don't worry, the pistol has only been given a light coat of paint to get rid of the Orange colour, nowhere near done with that yet.


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Really happy with the holster, it's very good quality & feels good too.
Collar studs cast & some flapjack packaging seems to be ideal for the handgrip on the weapons....again, a w.i.p within a w.i.p.

Ee-3 : The sling is proving to be a pain as I can't quite decide where it looks best (situated as per the Pic seems a no brainer, though it's not really practical).

Rocket : The Resin fins & really flimsy so they've been reinforced with a dowel rod through them (they also move and I'll probably take them out for transit to protect them as best as I can). Extra collar pieces made to strengthen the rocket topper.
I'm also trying out the Droid head's (again) for the Stabiliser beacon & lollipop. Will see how that pan's out.

Apologies to all the purist's out there but the budget was always the major factor in this build.






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I think you being as crafty as you appear to be could make that stock heaftier....its not bad looking at all just front heavy.

The build is looking good so far. I think over time you can upgrade things for sure. Im on the fence as to the weathering really. Its nice looking but not sure if its overboard or not. I may have done a similar style to Bobas weathering to make it look like one of the movie suits. Although it looks realistic it doesnt have the Star Wars feel to it to me.

But like I said its nice looking. And your doing a great job on it. I really like all the attachments and such you have and that zapper better stay hidden in that holster ;)


Jr Hunter
I see what you mean about the stock, i'll see what I can fashion.

To be honest i'm not 100% on the weathering either. I may well scale it back as I feel with the body armour it's crossed the line of 'Less is more'.
I was always of a mind that Boba could use more weathering....Jodo, somewhere in between. I'll see how it looks when together.

Thanks again for the feedback.


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After some help please folks.

B. Kast carries a standard sidearm, which closely resembles the Bespin security guard weapon.
Upon further research, it was determined that a Fett ESB sidearm is the exact same weapon.
Maybe i'm going mad here but the ref pic I have of this indicates it is not a Pulce 40. The sidearm used in the pic clearly has a scope.

I am at work right now & am relying on a bad pic rather than the magazine itself.
Anyone have a copy of the Twin Engines Of Destruction to hand please, post the shot up?

Can anyone clarify?


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I'm no Jodo expert, but I can show some images from the comic book you mentioned earlier.

Here is a better quality of your image:

Jodo Kast 02.jpg

Edit: He's holding the sidearm in his hand.
(Original line - He's holding the blaster in his hand and not the sidearm.)

A cool close-up of the whole suit:

Jodo Kast 01.jpg

He has a Boba Fett like blaster and sidearm.

In this image, Jodo is using the sidearm:

Jodo Kast 03.jpg

Note that the images were cleaned, and by cleaning I mean the dialoge bubbles were removed, this way the end result is slightly changed, especially the background.

I hope this helps!
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Thanks a tonne mate, that's the shot I wanted.


As far as I can make out that's clearly a scope on the side & a grenade on the front. Not a Pulce 40.

As such I think i'll stick with my Zapper as it'll be a lot easier to mod.

Early mod shot....


Have a good New years!