Jodo Kast My Jodo Kast


Jr Hunter
Below is where i'm currently at with my 'Jodo on a budget' build.
I started out with the intention of a RotJ Boba, then changed my mind..the universe need's more Jodo's.
Lid is getting there & some work on Knee's/shoulders. Grenades 'nearly' done too.











Getting there.

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Jr Hunter
No rush for me, taking my time & enjoying it.

Bit like playing Everquest all over again (Anyone ever play that?). I had guildmates running around like dememted chipmunk's, levelling while I travelled & explored.

Loved every minute of it.


Jr Hunter
Grabbed a rear pushbike brake cluster today for the chest display & Gautlet LED. Pics to follow.

Borden Connector also sat in the mold (Was that for a visor 'quick release'?)


Jr Hunter
Everquest, lol... I will never forget that one. I heard through the grapevine that it is still around, and you can play for free starting today.

Nice work on Jodo, man. Looks great!


Jr Hunter
Hey Trout, thanks fella.

Yes it went F2P today, I honestly don't know if I can get dragged back into that kind of Game....lifes moved on you know.
I think it was always about the social side of it for me. The Banter, EC Tunnel, Corpse Runs on the planes etc.
Back when you needed to know your class inside out & actually play it well, a truly sadistic unforgiving world.
None of this glowing exclamation marks for quests & minimap hand holding...

Small Update on some bit's today.

I started work on the 'extra' Gauntlet Darts.



Ignore the paint, that's merely an undercoat. The Darts will also re revamped, I'll be making a Milliput housing for it.

LED for the other Gauntlet also in place + clear Braided hose for both enroute.



Lights for Chest Display & Gauntlet LED also purchased, Birthday card (Clinton's) & Rear pushbike LED (Poundland).



Borden Connector also in place, just needs paint.

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Jr Hunter
Jumpsuit + spats dyed, may go darker, will see how it looks on with the rest of the kit once weathered.
& started prep work on the basket case EE-3. Braided hose also arrived for Gauntlet's.



I really like your battle scarring around the metal showing and how you spread them across the armor (it feels natural and realistic). I would like to see the way you spread the darker shades of scorching on the helmet like you did on the shoulder pads for variety in hues across the helmet.

Just my two cents but I think it's a fantastic job thus far and keep up the good work! Can't wait to see it done!


Jr Hunter
Thanks for the feedback Arch, appreciate it.

Are you saying that you would like to see me use a darker tone on the lid or are you asking me how I did it?

Tbh, I was concerned that maybe I overdid the shoulder/knee's. 'Less is more' & all that.
I'm asking if you can spread that scorching more so on the lid like you did with the knee pads and shoulder pads. They feel very worn and seen a lot of heat, I like that. I'd like to see more of that style in the helmet as well.

Same goes for the gauntlets. You put so much into the helmet and the pads the gauntlets appear flat to me in comparison to the rest of your fantastic get up! Sorry if I was unclear before. Keep it up!


Jr Hunter
Ahh gotcha!

I see what you mean. I'll revisit the lid then as to date the feedback has been very positive.
The comic seemed to vary greatly between the individual artist's interpretation's at times + I didn't want to overdo it.

The gauntlet's aren't done at all yet, that was merely scorching testing on the flamer & an undercoat.
Since I decided to go for new dart's & an extra set up on the other gauntlet, I'm constructing the housing (with milliput) before the paint get's a look in.

They'll be just as worn.

+ thanks again, appreciate the feedback.

BH Reaper

I think the bucket looks fantastic. I was contemplating going Jodo but ended up going clone. Nice pics too! Good reference for when I actually get around to it.

Keep it coming mate.


With the EE-3, you need to remove the trigger guard and off-set the scope from the 12 o'clock position to the 10:30 position. The sling is also attached differently (assuming you're getting one).


Jr Hunter
I really didn't want to use the hybrid E-11 weapon he's using on Nal Hutta & it didn't quite feel right using an off the shelf EE-3.

'Too Short', you could've just nailed it, thanks fella. You know it's funny.... you spend so long looking at something you sometimes miss the obvious.

I'll have a play & see what I can come up with. (Sling will be present).


Jr Hunter
Small update -

Cast another Knee dart as Jodo has Four, as opposed to Three that it appears Boba uses.



Finished the housing the for Gauntlet 'knee' Darts & "Blue Peter'd" some temp smaller Dart's (x4) on the gauntlet's too.
(They're actually Four tips from BIC Biro's, I figured what the hell... they'll do until I can get some decent ones).



Time to paint them up....


Jr Hunter
Gauntlet's done bar the Electronics & Fuel/Compression lines.







Braided hose filled with coloured water for the Fuel line to Flamer unit, not sure which one I prefer as of yet.

Hey Scar! Love the improvements you made to the gauntlets. The battle damage really made a difference!

IMO; I think the red and yellow would look the best! Jodo's outfit has very little red in it (out side from his jetpack). The red hose would be a nice way to spread that isolated color out a little more throughout the rest of the suit. And the yellow would looks good since, well, Jodo has more yellow compared to Boba's red lol.

Just my opinion though! Good work on the gaunts again!