My Jet Pack so far

Holy smokes, that looks great.

Got any direction on what you used ?

And what is you armor made of ?

This is excellent work, would love more information on how you did it.
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heres the stuff i used for the jet pack:

the base is made of a piece of MDF,

looking at the photos as you can see i used various shaped containers to make a basic shape of things like the boosters and the rocket launcher (if your from england..the boosters are four pringle tubes and the launcher is some jackob nibbles hehehe) to strengthen the boosters i stuffed them with PVA glue and newspaper.

The rocket: looking at the photo of the rocket(pic 143) ill list the items starting from right to left

pepsi 2ltre bottle, another tube of nibbles, a mini chocolate egg tube (basicly any toilet roll) a container that was once an air freshoner, the top of a pepsi bottle (inbetween rocket and air freshner, the part you screw the cap on..adds a nice effect)
a plastic cup, a funnel with the tube cut off, and for the point on the rocket its the end of one of those acrylic glue guns :D

to attach all this i got a metal pipe and placed it down the pepsi bottle and glued it to the bottom of the bottle and at the top,then i cut a hole at the top of the nibbles and put the pipe through the hole and put the nibbles on so it covered the top half of the bottle (see pic) i then attacked the mini egg tube/toilet roll cardboard piece, then the air freshoner, then pepsi top, then plastic cup, then i glued the glue shooter end in the funnel and stuck it on top.

for the boosters i used 4 pringle tubes (english crisp?) i used 4 as two were not long enough to hit the bottom (see pic 144) so i added two more that i cut to size (see pic 145) the boosters and rocket launcher i attached to the MDF base using a glue gun, acrylic down the sides to give a "welded effect" and i also cut small holes on the pringles and screwed them on for additional support

for the white boxes and parts covering the boosters i used plasticard (like card...but plastic! :lol: ) i found this stuff pretty hard to find but eventually found some in a modelling shop

the parts curved at the bottom were simply more MDF i cut out because i couldnt be bothered in the slightest to make yet more 3D plasticard boxes :p but actually came out alot better looking

if you look in photo 152 you can see the plasticard covering the boosters had gaps at the top and bottom were you could look down and see the pringle tubes, to fill these i cut out some plasticard to cover as much as possible, i then stuffed newspaper and glue down the sides (the plasticard originally wobbled..but its as stiff know) then attached the plasticard covers with more superstrong glue, filling any holes i was unable to cover with filler/acrylic glue

the tops on the boosters with the | | like holes are simply air freshoner tops :)

the main type of glue i used to attach things was glue sticks with a glue gun (the stuff that heats up) so no leaving this baby against a radiator! ;)

i also used acrylic adhesive to fill holes and add a nice welded effect

i then sprayed 3 gray base coatings and have now started adding metal coats so that i can add a worn paint effect when i come to adding color (i have yet to upload any photos of this)

overall, its taken me a good few months to get this far, but iv enjoyed every minute making it, why spend 200 dollars/pounds on master replicas when you can have so much fun making your own? :) almost all the items i got walking around shops that sells every item for 1 pound (around 2 dollars) and basicly just picked up items and used my imagination (you will require a fair bit of this ;) )

as for the armor, im not 100% sure on the material as i brought it on ebay (sadly i lack the resources to mould :( )

the helmet (no photo yet, sorry!) is a £30 helmet from a costume website, its a great base template but i wont use it how it came for the final look. I will sand it down, respray it, i have already changed the see-through visor for a black one, and i will be fixing padding inside so that it doesnt move on my head.

i hope this is of some help, if you want i can make some photos pointing at individual parts explaining what they are.

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