[My jango costume V1] by Eskilax


Hi all,

Today I have finished my jango cotume ... after months and months of work it's over ....my god I'm so proud :lol:

Thank you to all TDH members for yours help but special thanks to:

SOrry if I have forgot some of you guys.

I stop talking now :

My V2 is already in progress with my personnal holsters, a BKBT helmet, and MoW gauntlets. But first Saturday is my first event with it !!! :D

If some people are interested by my tutorials (in french) here is the link :

A website is in preparation.

THank you again guys, my dream is now real with your help.
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Wow!!! Awesome man, just awesome!

By the way, where did you get that powerful led?
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THanks guys

Uri > my Led is from a specialize electronic market in Belgium.
Fort the different parts, everything is in my tutorial but here it is :

Helmet : JD
Armor (exept chest) : JD
Chest : (ebay, don't know)
Jet Pack : MLC
Holsters : Richies
Jumpsuit : bobamaker
Belt and Pouches : Seeker
Shoes : (ebay)
Braided Belt : me
Flak Vest : me
Gauntlets : Ruffkin
Gauntlet Dart : Asok
Gauntlet Darts : Russ
Flamethrower : Cruzer
Knee Darts : Dark Side



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Dang bro! that is freakin AWESOME!!! I had no idea! The whole ensemble looks great!...Now get some dang blue hose to complete it!;)

(y) (y) (y)