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Hi everybody,

I'm fett enthusiast, and I'm new to the Dented Helmet Forum. I've been browsing the forum for perhaps a year until I decided to make an account yesterday. I'm aiming to make a Boba Fett costume. I have no plans of joining the 501st legion, and I'm just making this non-accurate costume for fun.

About this time last year, I was trying to make my own helmet using wizardofflight's templates, but I eventually gave up and just bought a black series helmet.

At the moment, I'm making the rest of the costume. I'm still working on all of the parts - here's a list:

Jetpack - 75% complete
Left Vambrace - 85% complete
Chest & Belly armor - 90% complete
Right Vambrace - 40% complete
Kneepads - 0% complete

No codpiece - I'm making a Mandalorian S2/BOBF build
I'm also not going to make back armor (hidden behind the jetpack)

I'll post some images later this week!
Welcome! Research research research! I’ve been here for a bit and I still read the old threads…wealth of knowledge and discoveries are untold!
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