My intro and my new ROTJ helmet!



Hi there!

Just wanted to say hello! My name is Steve and I'm from Sweden and I'm sure some of you know me from the RPF. I've been guilty of lurking here for quit some time so I thought it was time to join!:)

I have just finished my ROTJ helmet (although I'm really a ESB helmet fan). If you want to check it out and read the full story please click on the link (takes you to the RPF)

I'm about to start working on my new movie sized ESB helmet and I thought this would be the best place to start!

I hope you all like my ROTJ helmet and that I'm welcomed here.

Hey Steve,
Thanks for getting back to me on RPF. I meant that long scar on the right of the picture that starts underneath the visor and restarts above it. It looks awesome, I think I'll do something similar on my EU Fett helmet. Do you remember if that particular scratch is real or just painted?

Thanks much,
No problem!:) If you mean the one that crosses over the red T part and then goes up a bit on the dome (on the right side), then the answere is yes. It's a real (deep) scratch on the red visor part(just like the original) but it doesn't continue up on the dome/forehead it's just on the red part.

Please let me know if If I'm refering to the wrong scratch.

Thanks a lot for your welcome!:)

Go easy! I used a sharp needle file to create them. Gives you more control then a Dremmel IMO.

Welcome aboard man. I am amazed at that paint job. You said that you used "Humbrols aluminum metal coat paint applied "motorfish style"". Mind telling me where that paint can be found, and what MF's style was? Thanks a lot, and beautiful job!
Thanks guys!

Yes they are so different looking weathering wise. I'm 100% sure that the ESB helmet was painted with the scratches added topicaly, it sure looks this way on Ckings high res pics. However, the ROTJ helmet could not have been made this way. I'm almost sure that the helmet was first painted silver and then came the rest of the colors on top. They most likely added strong tape on top of the green paint and just riped it off (taking the green paint with it). I have weathered a helmet (not Fett) this way and I got the exact same result. However, it would be impossible to do this with a replica, you would never be able to get the scratches to match with the real ones. It also looks like they just scraped of the paint with a sharp object on the smaller ones.

Any thoughts?

Welcome Steve..I've been following your progress on the helmet on RPF. It turned out great!

Thumbs up from a fellow Swede:)

I used the paint and scrape method on my helmet and it worked great but it was hard to be very accurate like you said. Still made everything look real though because it gave a subtle depth to it.
Well, I have made a couple of Fett helmets with the scrape method, the problem that I encounted was that you very often takes away the silver too.:( They looked good from a distance but not from a "nose lenght" inspection where you could clearly see the scrape marks on the silver scratches too. Did you have that problem?

Thanks again, you're all to kind!:)

Very nice paint job! :cheers Just when I think I've decided to make my new helm ESB another great ROTJ helm has to come out! BTW-I would love to meet the Don Post employee who was in charge if the DP DLX...So I could SLAP 'EM real hard for making the eye slit too narrow!
Hey Steve when I "damaged" me helmet it just happened to be in the middle of the summer and the green covor paint was still tacky while the silver was nice and dry so I didnt have the problem of the silver scraping.
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