My Flashtube Ebay Score


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Hey ALL,

I just scored this offa ebay. Its the 2 cell Graflex Jr.

Just quick questions for the ESB blaster pro's.......
I was curious to know how much of the tube is sticking out of the blaster?
I tried a search, but didnt find what I was looking for. Any help would be GR8

and whats the best way to clean up aluminum ? I was thinking steel wool ????

thanks for the help



Jango_Fett_Jr said:
The ESB blaster used an MPP tube, not a Graflex or Heilend.

yeah I know its not either MPP or Heilend, but for 9$ you cant go wrong :)
and it looks pretty dang close, just not as purty.
anyhoo, any help with my question would be GR8, I would like to know where to hack this thing up :D

I can't believe how much the market has changed since the advent of replica graflexes and MPP's- I remember when 2 cells were a dime a dozen

Biggest piece of advice is to wait for Episode III dvd release- you will see popularity go up again and more of these flashes coming out of woodwork.
You can polish it on a buffing wheel with a rubbing compound with a super fine abrasive and also maybe try using "Mothers" wheel polish to get a chrome-like finish. You will however have to clear coat it other wise it will get dull again.
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