my first helmet paint job


Sr Hunter
*braces self*

ok, so i just painted my first helmet... it's based on the mom photos, but is not 100% accurate (i didn't go for every scratch exactly as in the photos, but stayed fairly close to it).

the helmet is one of the $@%!% ones from ebay (i didn't do my homework first.. i don't know the policy on posting about ebayers, but that guy selling the mystery helmets all the time on there... CRAP!).

it was really thin in some places (see light through it) and really thick in others. through a combination of sanding and filling, i evened out the inside to a decent state. still not great, but much nicer.

i carved some of the deep scratches into it, then hit it with a base coat of silver. rustoleum "super bright" silver to be exact:


the worst part about this helmet was that the keyholes in the back had so many bubbles in them that they weren't even recognizable. so, i cut the whole section out and replaced it with a styrene filler that i cut out, edges smoothed with bondo. the proportions are a little off, but it's WAY better than it was when i started. ;)


next up was fun with liquid masking, and some lovely moss green.


here's where i lost interest in progress pics, and just got into a painting frenzy. the next step along the way is after the various main colors have been applied, and the masking stuff peeled up. this is the helmet next to the one i got from fettspride a few weeks ago:


and finally, the helmet all together. the inside is black, foam to be added once the black paint is totally dry. visor is attached with silocone sealer / adhesive.

the kill stripes aren't on yet - i want to give it some time to dry fully before i mask anything off.

For a first time go I think it looks great!

I wont even try to paint a helmet, and it looks way better then what I could do.
webchief said:
Doh! I forgot to ask you to see it when I was over your house tonight! DOH!!!

heh... and i actually brought it back upstairs right before you arrived... silly me, i was cleaning up the fett parts laying around the house because people were coming over. i guess i didn't really think that one through all that well.
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