My first bucket and what I learned


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I am now at the half way point on my Fett helmet (ESB style) and wanted to post some of what I have learned so far to share with others, as I have found all of the info you guys post from working on your helmet and armor EXTREAMLY helpful.

First off I used a ModelMasters silver paint as base after a light primer... worked like a charm... I used clear colorless masking fluid for the main large and medium scratches and used a special blue masking tape for masking fine lines. It appears to work well and not stick to the paint.

I did let the silver cure for two days and gave my helmet a good bath between every coat of paint... keeping it clean and free of dust. This also helps the colors stick to the silver. It gets a light dust residue on it when it dries so a simple light scrub down with a lint free cloth did the trick there.

I will post later tonight with the type of dremel tool I found at home depot that made easy work out of the keyholes! I could not believe how easy it was with this tool. It has a specific code or name so I will post that and share so all of you can utilize this.

I will also post pics of my progress! (y)
Allrighty... here are the first pics... I have yet to do the ear peice... the back needs some real work and lots and lots of detailing to be done but here is where I am at!



Forgive the overall crappy color that my crappy camera produces. It seems to want to make things in my garrage yellow.

The Dremel tool I used for the Keyholes is a 1/16 Carbide Grout Removal Bit. It is a beautiful tool!!!

I hope that I can take what I learn on this helmet and make my next one spectacular! And boy have I learned alot.
Is this your first Fett helmet? If it you are doing a fantastic job...looks awesome. Can I ask...what kind of helmet are you it a Rubies...Don Post? I also like you attention to the small details...for first timers they sometimes miss that stuff. If you need a good reference for the back of the helmet check out DarthMiller's post on his helmet...the back of his is incredible...and I believe all topical. Keep up the good work and keep posting your pics!!!
lookin good there!

I do suggest washing on some matt greens and reds or mist the entire thing with some spray cannisters before you take off the masking liqued... or dullcoat it if that is available at your place, so it will lose all of it's shiny habits.

the washing on of matt colours worked extremely well for my own bucket, just don't wash with a piece of cloth (for tiny little hairs) but use your fingers for best result, as a piece of paper or cloth will also absorb alot of paint.
This is indeed my first helmet. I usually paint canvas or models back in the day. I had done several GI Joe and Starwars projects but none that required what the Fett requires. I was over at my friends house (TrooperTrent on the RPF) and Darth Miller came by to drop something off and had his newly finished Fett helmet done. I was inspired to do one of my very own. I have skills in Airbrushing and dry brushing techniques so I figured what the hell.

As for the details on the back... the back of my bucket is FAR from finished. I just got good pics of the back a few days ago so I will attack that sucker and get it looking great. I am saving the wash for last.

I think my next bucket will turn out even better with what I have learned but thanks for all the encouragement and kind words. Got you guys in here :love
I am going to go with the standard green wealders mask trimmed out. I like how it looks and its easyer to put in then the plexyglass.
Thanks for the tip on the grout removal bit! I had the keyslots drilled and filed in far less time than I planned. :cheers
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